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Financial Coach Claims Renters Come out Ahead over Home Buyers


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Owning a home has been viewed traditionally as one of life's milestones. Paying off that mortgage instead of renting has become a conventional housing goal for the majority of Americans. Mortgage payments are viewed as "investments", and a form of long-term security. Home buyers tend to believe that the appreciating value of their home will bring them a healthy return on their investment one day, and even serve as a form of safe harbor investment in bad economies.

But what if all of this isn't true? What if all these ideas are nothing more than marketing ploys practiced by home sellers? What if all the conventional notions about home ownership are outdated misconceptions that put families in deep financial holes, instead of carrying them up to financial independence and prosperity?

The fact is that home buyers end up in a worse financial situation.

Tom Graneau, a financial management coach, discusses the controversial financial strategy of avoiding home ownership in “Renters Win, Home Owners Lose: Revealing the Biggest Scam in America.” In this book he makes the following assertions:

- That the best that a home owner can get from owning a house is ZERO PERCENT RETURN.

- That it is more common for home owners to LOSE MONEY as they pour their income in to mortgage and maintenance.

- That home ownership is the BIGGEST SCAM in America, designed to keep buyers broke.

Graneau claims that in mortgages, the buyers remain POOR while the lenders just keep getting richer.

Home buyers get into a much WORSE FINANCIAL POSITION than renters.

And to Graneau these aren't just theories based on hunches and estimates. They represent the cold, hard truth of home ownership, backed up by data and statistics and outlined through sound financial concepts.

In “Renters Win, Home Owners Lose,” he compares renting and buying a home, demonstrating where renters undoubtedly come out as winners over buyers. Renters are shown to have clear and tangible financial advantages over home buyers.

For those already stuck in a mortgage, the book provides a way for those serious about their desire to take control of their financial futures. This is the book to help re-align thinking about home ownership expectations – the biggest and most costly purchase of a person's life.

“Renters Win, Home owners Lose” by Tom Graneau is currently available in the paperback and Kindle format.

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