Homeland Safes

Homeland Safes Announces New Upgrades to Protect Against Pry-Attacks


Pico Rivera, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2016 -- Homeland Safes announced a few new upgrades today for their level V and level VII gun safes. The new upgrades include--metal anti-pry tabs, one and a half inch thick steel bolts strategically placed around the door, and a two inch recessed door that makes it nearly impossible to insert a pry bar between the door and the frame to pry it open. All these upgrades will be incorporated in their most popular models.

The new anti-pry tabs are metal brackets installed horizontally on the bottom and top portion of the bolt mechanism. This is how it works, during a pry attack the bolt bracket could possibly bend allowing an intruder to pry the entire door open and get access to your possessions. With the anti-pry tabs the force applied to the bolt bracket goes directly to the metal tabs and not to the bolt mechanism making it nearly impossible to pry open.

The top and bottom bolts are huge solid steel bolts that measure one and a half inches in diameter. These bolts are placed strategically in all four sides around the door leaving no point of weakness for prying attacks.

The two inch recessed door leaves very little space between the door and frame for a crowbar or pry bar to be used to pry the door open. Any object small enough to fit will easily bend when force is applied. Also, the door is recessed so far back into the body it is impossible to create a leverage point deep enough for a pry bar to work.

The level V and level VII gun safes with the new anti-pry tabs, top and bottom bolts, and two inch doors are available now in any size, gun capacity, and color. When you put it all together it makes sense to have all these upgrades in your gun safe, it can be the difference between keeping or losing your valuables.