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Homeleigh Discount Timber Announces Special Offer on Tasmanian Oak


Kangaroo Ground, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Sean Manning, owner of Homeleigh Discount Timber, announced that the company is currently offering special pricing on Tasmanian oak for flooring and decking. Clients can call to receive a free, no-obligation quote and delivery is available throughout Australia at low prices.

"We specialise in Australian hardwoods for flooring and decking needs and our team of professionals is available to provide advice about the type of wood that best meets specific needs," said Manning.

Tasmanian oak is a light hued timber created by combining three Eucalypt species. The result is colours ranging from pale cream to pink and reddish-brown. The wood is characterized by a straight and even grain for a superior finish. It's a strong, stable and versatile wood that's appropriate for a variety of applications.

Homeleigh Discount Timber maintains an extensive array of native hardwoods in multiple colours ranging from neutral hues and warm honey to dark reddish-browns that deepen over time. For those who prefer chocolate tones, roasted peat is thermally modified to increase durability by up to 4 times its natural rating.

Hardwood floors and decking have multiple advantages over traditional types of floor coverings. They're strong, durable, versatile, and perform well even in high traffic areas. Hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing and provide a high-end luxury look anywhere they're used. For music lovers, hardwood floors offer better acoustics.

Easy to clean and maintain, hardwood flooring doesn't facilitate the collection of dust, pollen and other allergens, providing better indoor air quality. They're especially beneficial for those with allergies and breathing conditions, while providing a long-term investment that enhances the value of any structure.

Above all, hardwood floors provide a timeless beauty that maintains its luxurious look for years. If an accident does occur and the finish is marred it can be refinished, unlike typical floor coverings that must be removed and replaced.

The special pricing on Tasmanian oak by Homeleigh Discount Timber provides consumers with a cost effective way to obtain the beauty and luxury of hardwood flooring. The company is environmentally responsible, obtaining its products from eco-friendly and sustainable sources. The firm offers hardwoods for flooring and decking in multiple environments for discriminating consumers.

About Homeleigh Discount Timber
Homeleigh Discount Timber is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience within the industry, providing quality timber at competitive discount prices. The company specialises in Australian hardwoods and maintains an extensive network of suppliers to source a wide variety of timber for flooring and decking needs.

Media Contact
Owner: Sean Manning
Phone: 0438 116 156
Address: Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097