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Homeleigh Discount Timber Specializes in Australian Hardwoods for Floors and Decking


Kangaroo Ground, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- Quality lumber doesn't have to cost a fortune and Homeleigh Discount Timber specializes in Australian hardwoods for sophisticated floors and decking. The company provides treated pine, structural timbers and house lots for a variety of projects, along with delivery at low prices throughout all Australian states and free no-obligation quotes.

"With more than 30 years of experience, we're able to advise clients on the right timber product, application and quantities required for any job," said Sean Manning, owner of Homeleigh Discount Timber.

The company supplies individuals with essential hardwoods from eco-friendly sources obtained from sustainable Australian forests. Flooring and decking is produced by manufacturers that are well-known for the superior hardness ratings of their timber. Multiple grades, widths and species are available to accommodate a wide array of personal preferences.

Homeleigh Discount Timber has a variety of native hardwoods, each with its own unique qualities and appearance, including spotted gum that's highly sought by architects and designers for its range of vibrant colors. The company offers grey ironbark and jarrah, both of which are especially advantageous in high traffic areas. For the look of luxurious warmth, forest reds are a blend of hardwoods harvested from coastal regions.

Blackbutt is popular for timber flooring and other interior uses, along with tallowwood that offers a neutral toned palette and is exceptionally durable. Tasmanian oak is fashioned by combining three Eucalypt species for even grains. For rich colour, red ironbark offers durability with fine textures. Brush box is the wood of choice for modern, elegant spaces for its aesthetic qualities.

Messmate offers colors on the lighter side of the spectrum that's rich in detail and even textures. Sydney blue gum has rich tones and is highly prized for domestic and commercial flooring. Yellow stringybark is highly regarded for its yellow, golden and light brown hues.

Homeleigh Discount Timber offers roasted peat that's been thermally treated for stability, along with wormy chestnut that's valued for its grain. Flooded rose gum, Australian beech and mixed hardwoods are other options, along with turpentine grown in New South Wales.

Those who are seeking an elegant, outside entertainment area or attractive decking around the pool will find multiple options at Homeleigh Discount Timber. From spotted gum and ironbark to jarrah and merbau, the company has selections to please the most discerning clients.

About Homeleigh Discount Timber
Homeleigh Discount Timber is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience within the industry, providing quality timber at competitive discount prices. The company specialises in Australian hardwoods and maintains an extensive network of suppliers to source a wide variety of timber for flooring and decking needs.

Media Contact:
Owner: Sean Manning
Phone: 0438 116 156
Address: Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia 3097