Sojos Inc.

Sojos Is Proud to Announce Its Rapid Growth

Leading Homemade Pet Food Company is Expanding Quickly


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Sojos, a leading producer of homemade cat food, is very proud to announce its rapid expansion. After 28 years in business, Sojos is experiencing significant expansion, and that growth has initiated several new hires in different departments of the homemade dog food business.

Sojos recently hired a new central sales representative to help foster continued growth. The homemade cat food supplier also decided to move one of its workers into a sales support position to help with that goal. The homemade dog food maker has been working for decades to perfect its recipes, and its success is evident by impressive growth.

Sojos started with two women 28 years ago, working to make a healthy pet food for owners to give to their cats and dogs. Since then, the company has grown many times over, with production increasing every year. According to a spokesperson for Sojos, “Every product made from Sojos is made from scratch with real ingredients. That means absolutely no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors, because we want your dog and cat to eat as healthily as you do.” With multiple varieties of homemade dog food and homemade cat food, there is no better source for quality pet food than Sojos.

About Sojos
Since its establishment in 1985, Sojos has strived to be the best possible homemade dog food for dog owners across the country. Likewise, it has created the best homemade cat food any feline friend ever tasted, and is very proud of both of its recipes. With a growing presence across the board for pet food, Sojos is looking to the future and proud to assist pet owners all around America in taking good care of their furry friends. For additional information, visit