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HomeMadeWizard.com Publishes New How to Articles on Basement and Flooring Refurbishment

Home Made Wizard offers advice and guidance on making home improvements the old fashioned way, and have published a new series of how-to articles on a new range of refurbishment topics.


Norcross, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- When money is tighter than it used to be, industrious individuals often consider taking home maintenance into their own hands. Home Made Wizard is a site dedicated to showing visitors how they can undergo home improvements safely and create a professional finish. They have recently released a new batch of articles on a broader range of ideas for the home. The new articles include How To Waterproof a Basement, How To Finish a Basement and How To Refurbish Hardwood Floors.

How to Waterproof A Basement takes individuals through the process step by step, from identifying likely sources of water entry to how to guard against them, which differs significantly from any other room in the home because of its subterranean nature. Waterproofing a floor is simpler than waterproofing the ceiling and walls, but Home Made Wizard reveals the step by step process to making it secure. From there, How To Finish A Basement talks about creative ideas for turning the space into a usable room of the house, from a bedroom to a living space to a utility room or even a gym.

How To Refurbish Hardwood Floors explains the process by which individuals can remove the worn and dirty top surface of a floor without damaging the structural integrity of the wood using a combination of planes and sanders, before explaining the best treatments and varnishes to give the wood long lasting life against wear and tear, heat and water.

A spokesperson for Home Made Wizard explained, “The articles we have created have been designed to give individuals a greater sense of possibility as to what they can achieve for themselves within their own homes without resorting to getting in expensive tradesmen who consider such tasks menial and easy money. The ideas and guidance we give, and the product reviews we create are independent and unbiased recommendations based on getting the most from your home. The feedback from our expanding readership has been fantastic and we are already getting emails of people showing us what they have created thanks to our advice.”

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