Homeopathic School Offers Online (Home Study) Program


Woodbridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is now offering Homeopathic Program online. The Homeopathic online program includes 100 hours home study education taught by highly qualified professionals to ensure students graduate as confident and competent homeopathy practitioners. As the school launches this kind of offering, anyone out there who wants to be a homeopathy practitioner can enroll in their program.

The Homeopathy online program is ideally designed and created to educate the primary practice of homeopathic medicine and how to use such natural remedies in natural health care. The Academy of Natural Health Sciences has been a leading New Jersey massage school, holistic school, nutrition school, natural healing school, herbal school and holistic health school for over twenty years. Their holistic nutrition counseling, massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy classes, and sports nutrition along with master herbalist, pet nutrition, pet careers and other natural healing courses are excellent trainings with affordable tuition. For more information, visit their website at http://www.anhs-school.com.

They are also an NJ Department of Education approved private vocation school which offers numerous trainings and programs on hand and online. Each program and course has been approved by the NJ Department of Education individually. Today, as there are lots of online courses where anyone can have fun and learn, the ANHS also launched their online Homeopathy program for their potential students. Their homeopathy school program gives a full understanding of the usage and concept of homeopathic remedies to help the body heal itself with non-toxic substances.

Students enrolled in the online program will have the knowledge on how such remedies are prepared through a cautious process of succession and dilution for capturing the original energy of the substance and therefore, help them choose what’s right for them. The Homeopathy online program enables students to have full understanding and knowledge that will surely help them spread to their clients that this practice can be used beside traditional drugs and does not interfere with medicines of any type. This program teaches the safety of these remedies for all types of people including children, babies and pregnant women.

The Homeopathy program is available by home study to possible students who are new to this practice or even for those who wish to continue their education in this field. The Academy of Natural Health Science’s homeopathy program is always available for everyone.

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Academy of Natural Health Sciences is a holistic health and natural healing school with many online and classrooms programs. It is licensed by the State of New Jersey Education Department. It has been in service for 20 + years servicing the local area and people from around the world.

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