Homeowners Can Refresh Their Fiberglass Pools with polyFIBRO®


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2018 -- ecoFINISH® offers beautiful polyFIBRO® swimming pool finishes for homeowners with fiberglass pools. This scientifically-formulated aquatic coating will transform any pool or spa into a high-end, low-maintenance oasis.

Today, many homeowners choose to invest in fiberglass pools, rather than vinyl or concrete options. These gorgeous pools feature low-maintenance materials, little upkeep cost, a smooth gel-coat surface, and built-in seats and steps. Since fiberglass pools are usually made off-site in factories, they are also installed much more quickly than other styles. A non-fiberglass pool's steps or waterslide may also be made with fiberglass, which can become tired and worn over time.

polyFIBRO® can breathe new life into worn-out fiberglass pools, steps, and slides. Unlike many traditional gel-coat and paint pool finish installations, the highly flexible polyFIBRO® coating will not chip, blister, peel, or crack. This finish is also significantly easier to repair than other materials.

ecoFINISH® installers can also use a special application process to turn a traditional polyFIBRO® coating into a slip-resistant surface. This helps to prevent slips and falls near the entries and exits of customer pools.

Another benefit of choosing polyFIBRO® is its extensive color options. Many traditional gel coating options for fiberglass pools are limited to a handful of colors, such as baby-blue, light grey, tan, and similar shades. With polyFIBRO®, however, customers can explore any of the colors in the standard ecoFINISH® color pallet, or they can design a custom color to perfectly suit their property.

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About ecoFINISH®
ecoFINISH® is a leading, global provider of revolutionary high performance coatings that can be used in both residential and commercial swimming pools as well as industrial applications. Products include their aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® pool finishes. ecoFINISH® has now expanded with new products into the industrial industry with ecoDUSTRIAL™ as well as the aquatic surface industry with aquaticLIFE™. Although the company's headquarters lie in Warminster, PA, they distribute their products to certified installers and organizations all over the world.

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