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Homeowners Learn How to Better Protect Their Homes With Help from ‘Best Home Security Companies’


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2012 -- It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare; coming home to find a stranger has been in the house and has damaged and stolen property, some irreplaceable. And with an estimated $15.7 billion in total losses for victims of property crimes in United States in 2011, it is important for homeowners to understand the most effective protective measures to have in place.

One of the first actions a homeowner can take is having a top-rate home security system installed.

But with a large number of security companies to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will offer the best protection.

Best Home Security Companies recently launched their new site, Best-Home-Security-Companies.com, to provide homeowners with insightful professional and customer reviews of the top five home security companies. Featuring FrontPoint reviews, ADT reviews, Protect America reviews, Life Shield reviews and Vivint reviews, the website offers a host of in-depth information about how well each home security company performs for their customers. In addition, the site offers helpful articles with tips on how to keep a home safeguarded against burglars.

There are several types of home security systems featuring different functions. Some systems can control a home’s lighting sources; some include environmental sensors to detect water damage; and some offer video monitoring as part of their package. Some even allow customers to access the system remotely via their smartphone or tablet.

According to Best Home Security Companies, understanding the variances between the systems is paramount in choosing the best-suited company.

And reading reviews by past customers is one of the most efficient ways to research and select the appropriate home security company.

Best Home Security Companies helps homeowners make informed decisions about home protection by providing them with reviews from experts within the home security business, as well as a 10-star consumer rating system.

Additionally, the new site offers visitors informative articles with helpful hints on how to better protect their homes. The site’s latest article, “How to Keep Burglars Away” explains a few of the simple things homeowners can do to deter thieves. These include things such as installing outdoor lighting, keeping doors and window locked and making it appear as though there is always someone home.

For more information about the top home security companies, visit http://Best-Home-Security-Companies.com

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Established in 2011, Best Home Security Companies provides homeowners with insightful reviews from industry professionals and customers about the top home security companies. The site aims to bring visitors the latest news and information about the most popular home security systems and companies and offers in-depth articles geared at helping homeowners safeguard against burglars.