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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson is a leading NYC residential closing attorney, working with a wide range of potential legal concerns for both residential and commercial real estate. The practice has a separate Real Estate Division, serving clients with all types of real estate legal needs.

As a NYC residential closing attorney, New York Home Help understands the complex and time-consuming circumstances of finalizing the sale and purchase of a home. With knowledgeable, experienced attorneys, the process can be made much less stressful, and can be completed successfully without risk of future problems or inadvertent mistakes.

It's always wiser to work with a trusted professional when this much money, and something of the gravity of a home, are at stake.

Besides serving as a leading NYC residential closing attorney, Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson also handles commercial closings, real estate litigation, banking transactions, deed transfers, zoning ordinances, foreclosures, REO closings, contracts and agreements, and more. Nearly any potential legal need or case can be handled by the practice thanks to their decades of experience and team of skilled attorneys.

The Real Estate Division of Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson is led by Senior Associate Adam J. Friedman, who has a broad range of experience across new york real estate closings and foreclosures, as well as condominium and homeowners association law. However, he is just one member of a deep, committed team within the practice, offering every client the highest level of support, dedication and attention.

Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson has served as a NYC residential closing attorney for more than 70 years, and offers all of its clients the highest quality of legal assistance. They represent home buyers and sellers, as well as investors, developers, note holders and lenders.

With offices in Manhattan and Long Island, New York Home Help is a new york real estate law firm that handles real estate cases throughout the state, from the five boroughs of the city, to Westchester and Nassau counties, and beyond.

Clients can call 212.471.5129 or visit to receive a free consultation from a leading NYC residential closing attorney, or to ask any other residential or commercial real estate legal questions.

About Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson
Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, LLP, is a New York based law firm with an outstanding track record stretching back over 70 years. Their Real Estate Division provides residential and commercial real estate legal assistance across many areas of need, including closings, litigation, foreclosure and more. To get started with a leading NYC residential closing attorney, or with any other real estate legal questions, call them at 212.471.5129 or visit for more information.