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‘HomeRefinancingTips’ Helps Homeowners Save Much-Needed Money by Reducing Their Mortgage Payment


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2011 -- For most homeowners, the mortgage payment takes the biggest chunk out of their monthly budget. Finding a way to lower this amount by refinancing the mortgage is an appealing idea to most people.

Learning all there is to know about home refinance, however, can be both confusing and time consuming. Many homeowners are looking for a neutral and helpful source that can provide them with everything they need to know about refinancing a mortgage.

A new website is already getting a lot of attention for its comprehensive articles and information on how home owners can reduce their mortgage by refinancing their home. HomeRefinancingTips was founded in order to help home owners save money—which for most people would definitely be a welcome idea.

The website features articles, tips, and tools such as a mortgage calculator that can all help visitors to the site find a better mortgage rate.

Using the website is easy; simply log onto the home page and begin browsing through the variety of educational articles on home refinance.

One article, titled “Benefits of Refinancing” examines why homeowners may want to pursue this goal.

“What are the benefits of refinancing mortgage loans? There are several benefits for refinancing your home, depending on your circumstances,” the article on the website explained, adding that getting an interest rate that is lower than what is on the original loan is one key reason.

Another is changing to a fixed rate mortgage from an adjustable rate mortgage.

“If you bought your home when interest rates were so high that to qualify you had to take an adjustable rate mortgage, now might be the time to consider changing your mortgage program to a fixed rate while interest rates are so low,” the article on the website said.

Refinancing just the amount that is currently owed can often drastically lower the monthly mortgage payment and homeowners will also know for the remainder of the loan term what the exact payment amount will be each month.

In an article titled “How to Get a Lower Mortgage Rate” HomeRefinancingTips suggests another website that will help homeowners compare and contrast quotes from multiple major lenders quickly and easily. On the suggested website, homeowners can fill out a short quote form and get a display of quotes from different refinancing companies all on one screen, making it a snap to decide which quote will help save the most money.

About HomeRefinancingTips
HomeRefinancingTips was founded in late 2011 as a resource for homeowners to use to learn about reducing their mortgage payments by refinancing their home. The site provides tips and information for homeowners, and gives advice on how to get a better rate by suggesting a website to compare quotes from multiple major lenders. For more information, please visit http://homerefinancingtips.net