HomeSafe Driving School to Offer Premium Driving Education


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- HomeSafe Driving School is a California-based driving school that is committed to educating individuals to become a responsible driver by providing them with comprehensive and high quality driver education classes in Orange California. The school’s driving classes are especially designed to help individuals be a safe driver and obtain their driver’s license. Through these classes, individuals will also have the opportunity to learn the importance of driver education and the responsibilities that are associated with driving.

Statistics show that around 6 million road accidents occur in the United States every year. Most of these accidents are caused by reckless or irresponsible driving. Moreover, it is also revealed that if no actions are taken to address this issue, road traffic injuries can become the 5th leading cause of death in the country by 2030. One of the best ways that individuals can do to help lessen the number of people who suffer from car accidents is to take up a driving education, training, or coaching.

HomeSafe Driving School provides several training courses and classes that teach individuals the knowledge, attributes, and skills that they need to ensure their safety both as a driver and as a pedestrian. Attending the driver education class offered by HomeSafe will enable individuals to develop strong visual habits, manage their emotions, and learn how to apply timing and rhythm in driving. Driving class presenter and instructor Brad McDermott, who has 15 years of experience as extensive road safety expertise as CHP certified school bus driver and heavy equipment operator in United States Marine Corps, is dedicated to using fun, encouraging, efficient, and supportive techniques in teaching individuals all the important aspects that they need to know about driving responsible and safely.

The classes, which meet the requirements set by DMV for obtaining a driver’s permit, is also being offered online. These classes include quizzes, instructor-led lectures, and video lessons. Meanwhile, the programs that are offered at Orange Coast College and Golden West College will held during Saturdays and will be composed of 4 sessions.

HomeSafe Driving School offers driving classes and behind the wheel training to both teenage and adult drivers who are willing to learn how to become better and more responsible drivers. It aims to give driving students with a safe place to learn new skills and techniques as well as learn to determine the different needs of the drivers and passengers of various types of vehicles and control the basic dynamics of such vehicles.

“I highly recommend Brad for instructing adults. I'm 30, and I have never driven before, so I bought 20 hours with him. I passed my test on a first try with only 3 mistakes, and a great part of the merit goes to him.He is dedicated to excellence and very encouraging. He would tell you if you are making a mistake but at the same time tell you not to beat yourself over it, cause you have stay focused on the road and proceed .The greatest part is, immediately after the test I felt really comfortable driving on my own, even on the freeway. Thanks!” -- Irena N.

“This school is # 1 (Best Driving School in Costa Mesa CA). I couldn't believe how easy it was to work with Brad and his team members. When it came to scheduling, they were always options and if something ever changed ,they were so courteous to call and make different arrangements. My daughter had been driving several months on a permit, so she was quite familiar with the road, except for freeways and parallel parking. Apparently, Brad is quite funny and had her doing both within the day . (shoot, I'm still working on that parallel parking thing!). Thank you Brad for making this such a wonderful experience.”

For more information about HomeSafe Driving School and the driving classes that it offers, visit or call 949-793-0311.

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