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HomeWarez Reveals 20% off Coupon Code on Pastry Mat for Kitchen Use - Last Day for Coupon Use


Amery, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- A good pastry mat always arrives with measurements which can be clearly found in the new product by HomeWarez. The Pastry Mat has managed to pique the interest level of millions of people worldwide in a short period of time due to the fact that it is easy to use and offers high end baking benefits in the long run. It surely is a huge treat for people who lobe to bake since the mat allows them to make all kinds of breads, pizza dough, pastries, pie crusts, tarts, biscuits and cookies in the long run and that too, without having to face any issues in the matter. Normally, individuals get sick of using regular rolling sheets as they do not offer the non-slip features which arrives with the new Pastry Mat by HomeWarez.

This means that they can easily roll their way through any dough or pastry without it sticking to the flat surface in the entire process. Other than the fact that it is easy to use, it is also quite handy and portable since it is a huge sheet that can be carried anywhere. The non-stick feature enables people to use less flour in the process, making their dough very light after it is baked.

Manufactured in USA by HomeWarez, the product has been fully approved by the FDA since it offers anti-bacterial protection that ensures cleanliness at all times. The dimensions of the silicone Pastry Mat are quite impressive and since it is huge, individuals can almost roll up any size of pastry or dough on the board.

The 20% discount on the pastry sheet is what makes it the best product with the best price. The coupon code PRCDE2OF must be sued by the buyers in order to ensure getting the discount during the purchase. With the amazing benefit of the coupon code discount, interested buyers can acquire the Pastry Mat at $21.97 only.

The fact that the entire package also includes free shipping makes it the best thing out there. The handy baking tips that have been mentioned under the sheet must be consulted before baking as they can surely be quite helpful in the long run. The board has mainly been made of plastic and silicone, which means that it is quite unlikely for it to deteriorate soon. The pre-measured circles on the pastry board made it very easy for people to have crusts, dough and pastries of all sizes.

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