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Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Honda have been producing the Honda Accord and the Accord Hubcaps as a series of mid size cars since 1976. Since they were released in 1982, the Honda Accord and the Accord Wheel Covers were believed as the first Japanese car that took the United Stated as the place where they are manufactured. Besides in the United States, it was also manufactured in counties such as England, China, New Zealand, and even in Thailand. So, I am sure there will not be too much objections when I consider this car as everyone's favorite worldwide as it is manufactured in so many countries around the globe.

Alongside the Accord Wheel Covers, for many generations, the Accord has been pretty successful. Honda Accord was considered as the best selling Japanese car in 1982 until 1997. Furthermore, there were 10 Million of Honda Accords successfully sold in 1991 and 2001. This car is known as one of the most reliable automobiles on the market considering the tests in its manufacturing process both it received years ago and the ones that this car goes through these days.

The Honda Accord are available in a lot of different versions and different body styles as well ever since this car is manufactured for the first time. The year it was produced is 1976, the car was made as a compact hatchback yet this style only lasted until 1981. Then it came out in the forms of a wagon, sedan, and even a coupe model. In 1990s, Honda Accord has managed to reach its sixth generation. The car turned into an intermediate automobile which had one basic platform as well as different proportions and different bodies. These were meant for the car to have a better level of competitiveness in the markets around the world.

Honda has originally released the current Honda Accord in 2008 which is a little bit bigger the cars with the other models. They did not do this kind of stuff for no reason or course. The reason behind this act was their desire to move Honda Accord further upscale in the market. In accordance to this strategy, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has put this car as the a full size car, while the coupe as a mid size automobile.

Honda has a want for people to simply get along and keep the harmony and peace among all of them. That would be the historical reason behind the selection of the name “Accord”. Considering the amazing result shown throughout the years, we can say that it was a well done job since so many people already have their own Honda Accord in their garages and they are satisfied with their choice. Moreover, they are also happy with the great looking of Accord Hub Caps that come on the car. Well, no heart feeling if you do not think the same way. During the terrifying fuel crisis that took place in 1970s, the most initial and original design of the Honda Accord was then changed to the version that can produce a low emission and become fuel efficient as well. The version manufactured in Japan and the United States met the standards of emission in the 1970s and the early 1980s.

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