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Honda Insight Named Top Car to Drive in New York City by NewYorkMotorInsurance.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- New York Motor Insurance, a New York City-based car insurance quote expert, recently released a list of its top 10 cars to drive in New York City. The list, which can be found at http:
, lists the Honda Insight as the top car to drive in the city.

The company’s comprehensive list of vehicles includes practical and luxury models from well-known brands. For every car listed, New York Motor Insurance includes a picture as well as a breakdown of the vehicle’s city-friendly features.

For example, New York Motor Insurance acknowledges that while the Audi A3, ranked tenth on the list, does not have the best gas mileage, it does have extremely comfortable features for an affordable price. In addition to a dual climate control system and fold-down armrests, the Audi A3’s driver seat can be adjusted in 12 different ways. The car also includes tire-pressure monitoring and anti-lock breaking systems.

Another contender on the list, the Honda Civic, ranked seventh, is praised for its excellent mileage: 25 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway. The Honda Civic also has a built-in navigation system for those who have trouble planning routes, while its seven speakers and MP3 player connection can provide entertainment for longer journeys.

When creating this list, New York Motor Insurance considered the concerns of the average city driver. As a result, the list aims to help New Yorkers find a safe, affordable, and comfortable car that can handle lengthy, packed, and damaged city streets.

“Size is often a concern when it comes to picking out a car that one will be able to park in the city,” stated the article. “Many city dwellers also want to be able to get great gas mileage to compensate for the higher cost of living in cities. There is plenty of traffic and potholes to be found in New York City, so most drivers just want a car that will not compound the problems that they are already dealing with on the roads.”

Individuals interested in learning more about New York Motor Insurance and its services can visit www.newyorkmotorinsurance.com for more information.

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