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Honey and the Rock: Raw & Intimate New Memoir Shares Compelling Testimony of Recovery, Life and God

Living with daily recovery, Johnny Brownlow is no stranger to the ongoing struggles achieving normality creates. However, while he has come so far using his own will power and tenacity, Brownlow knows he couldn’t have done it without his deep commitment to faith. In his powerful new memoir, Brownlow shares all he has learned in the hope it will bring solace to others.


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- While those walking past Johnny Brownlow would see his as nothing but a confident American, Brownlow’s personal demons and harrowing past have forced him to live a life of daily recovery. With millions sharing the same reality, Brownlow is exposing his own story in the hope it will empower others to grow closer to their faith.

‘Honey and the Rock: Recovery, Life and God’ is a no-holds-barred and frankly-honest account of Brownlow’s journey to and through recovery. Above all, it offers a bold message of hope to others feeling like life’s options have been exhausted.


Inside this book is my testimony of my journey, struggles and things I learned along the way. Recovery is not easy even if you have a good support system. For me, I had to rely on my faith. There were several people and organizations that helped me, but by faith I was lead to them. I now live my recovery one day at a time through faith. It is my hope that this book will help to set you on the road to recovery from the things that hold you back such as addiction, relationship problems, heartbreak and insecurity.

We are affected by so many things such as culture, poverty and loss that can send your life in a tailspin. This is a compilation of some of the things I have learned through God’s divine guidance. He will guide you as well. I’m not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I was.

As the author explains, millions of people suffer in silence and would benefit greatly from hearing of others in a similar situation.

“I was once one of them – feeling like everyone had abandoned me and everything I had worked for had been taken away for good. It felt like the world threw me out as trash and there was no way to leave the dump. My light came in the form of Jesus and faith. I hope my personal story will inspire others to find their personal light and walk towards it with confidence,” says Brownlow.

Continuing, “I want those who are lonely to understand that there is hope, always. Jesus can heal you and lift you to a new life that you never thought possible. It isn’t easy, and you need to take each day as it comes, but I am proof that the destructive cycle of low self-worth can be broken. Read my book, learn that you’re not alone and take the first steps towards your new life today.”

‘Honey and the Rock: Recovery, Life and God’ is due for release on January 7th 2014. It can be purchased from the Xlibris bookstore from release day in eBook and paperback formats.

It will later be available from all major online book sellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Googleplay and Apple’s iStore.

About the Author: Johnny Brownlow
Johnny Brownlow grew up in Greensboro Al. He is the third child of Emma Brownlow. His Mother suffered domestic abuse in Chicago which prompted her to move back to Greensboro while pregnant with his older brother Rueben. They were a family with little means but they were rich with Faith Love and the Holy Spirit.

His early years were normal but later in his childhood he had to develop responsibility at a very young age. Over time he would have problems coping so he turned to alcohol.

Johnny had a very successful naval career. He had two tours of the Persian Gulf. He served as work center supervisor training coordinator and mentor while covering up his alcoholism.

After his navel service his disease progression became worse. Johnny was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. The people in his life began to distance themselves from him because of his alcoholism and other issues until he was homeless and completely alone. He began to have thoughts of suicide and attempted to take his own life several times, but God said “no” each time.

Johnny found renewed faith and life in God. A healing, forgiveness, and peace came into his life.