Honeywell Launches Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- A thermostat is originally devised to tell temperature and to control certain other devices likewise. But there are new and more powerful thermostats that are easier to use and have more functions in them. New Honeywell thermostats have been introduced which come with programmable features. A thermostat helps keep the temperature according to the need or desire of the appliance owners. The Honeywell rth7600d is the new thermostat that has touch screen feature and comes with programmability.

A thermostat actually controls the heating and cooling devices by making a standard temperature. Devices like air conditioners and refrigerators use thermostats in order to maintain a desired temperature. When the temperature rises above the desired temperature fed into the thermostat, it activates the cooling system in order to bring it down. Similarly when the temperature goes below par, then it deactivates the cooling system resulting in rise in the temperature. The honeywell rth7600d thermostat performs the same function in the house with added features of touch screen and programmability.

The programmable feature gives the flexibility to set a standard temperature of choice. By using the rth7600d thermostat, one can keep a comfortable temperature in the house at all times. One can set a temperature according to need and the thermostat works the rest. Temperature can be programmed in it for the entire week. Each day can have a different par temperature, the rth7600d can turn off and on the air conditioning and ventilation systems of the house when the required temperature is surpassed or lagged.

Another plus point of the honeywell rth7600d touchscreen 7 day programmable thermostat is that it saves energy. By turning of the air conditioners and ventilators when they are not needed, precious energy is saved. Indirectly, the thermostat helps in conserving the global environment of the world. The cost to save energy can vary depending upon the features of the thermostats. A cheaper thermostat that is programmable can be bought for $30 only whereas the more expensive one costs around $250. But this cost is too little as compared to the amount of energy that it saves during its usage time period. This high value thermostat weighs just 13.6 ounces and pretty adjustable almost anywhere because of its small size. Using this programmable thermostat from honeywell, a family can save up to 33% of energy consumed in the house otherwise. So, it is a onetime investment of a few dollars for a long term saving on the power bills.

About Honeywell rth7600d
The honeywell rth7600d is a programmable and power saving thermostat by Honeywell. It also carries the touch screen feature for controller ease.