Hong Kong Based Startup Twitchy Finger Ltd. Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Release Their New iOS & Android Game Furball Rampage

Help Joe the Hamster save his lost love in this side-scrolling action adventure runner for iOS & Android. Unleash Joe's deep dark secret from within.


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2014 -- Furball Rampage is an action side-scrolling running game for iOS & Android. What does a side-scrolling running game have to do with action? Well, unlike most running games out there where the players endlessly jump or duck to avoid obstacles, Furball Rampage adds a unique "twist" to the genre by adding an action element into the game. The creators call this special element, "Kata-Mode". When our hero Joe activates Kata-Mode he transforms from a small cute hamster into a giant monster of destruction. While in this mode, your character no longer avoids obstacles but wreck havoc upon the city and destroys everything in its path!

“Kata-Modeis inspired by two games: Katamary Damacy and Rampage. Katamary Damacy inspired the idea of contrast between size and gameplay. The change in size determines how Joe interacts with his environment. Meanwhile, the destruction element is inspired from the classic game Rampage.

Besides "Kata-Mode", Furball Rampage also has bonus stages and alternative paths one can take that breaks free from the usual single path format that plagues the running game genre. There are additional missions for those seeking extra challenge and special rewards for completing them. Furthermore, additional characters and sidekicks with their own unique abilities are available to add more variations in gameplay. All these features make Furball Rampage easy to learn and pick up for casual gamers, while at the same time giving it a skill-based element for those that want to go beyond casual gaming.

Twitchy Finger Ltd. is looking to release the game within 60 days at the end of this campaign, so those who have supported them won't have to wait long to see the results. Donated funds will go directly towards the last phase of development process: game balance, bug fixes, testing it on multiple platforms, and if possible, as much additional content as possible before launch. Any contributions and support will be much appreciated.

The funding budget for this campaign has been fixed at $25,000.

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