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Hongjie Cable Announces Availability of Various Types of Enhanced Capacity Cables for Immediate Supply


Zhejiang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- For the efficient transmission of signals and communication, there is a wide variety of cables used by the industries. Often, procurement of high-quality cabling products becomes a challenge for many companies. Now, China based rg59 cable manufacturer , Hongjie Cable announces about the availability of a wide range of technically superior products that a company can procure on an urgent basis for their different projects. They have different types of rg59 cable with them, and one can remain assured of getting the desired specification according to their requirements.

The company also has a ready a stock of rg6 jumper cable, with high capacity inner conductor and durable quality outer shield. These cables can be used in fiber and CCTV networks and companies looking for this product can place an order to procure it immediately from Hongjie Cable. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have very high quality figure 8 fiber optic cable in their portfolio which is well known for high speed signal transmission and thus is perfect for long distance communication. There are very few manufacturers of this type of cable, and one can seek the supply of cables in any quantity from this Chinese cable manufacturer.

Hongjie Cable is well recognized around the globe as a reputed LMR coax cable manufacturer . Their LMR coax cables are extensively used in wireless communication systems and digital microwave communications. A number of companies working in the field of wireless communications rely on Hongjie Cable for their improved quality cables. And now the anytime availability of these cables will fuel the growth and development of wireless and microwave communication systems.

Their rg11 CCTV cable is another important cabling product that establishes their technological superiority in the cabling and communication signaling industries. These cables have important applications in the broadcast signaling and one can procure the cable from Hongjie Cable in the desired quantity on an immediate basis. The company with its improved manufacturing capabilities assures to supply high quality cables to the global customers. One can check their complete cabling product range by visiting their website

About Hangzhou Hongjie Cable Co., Ltd
VCE Cable or Hangzhou Hongjie Cable Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of HDMI cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic cables and other types of cables. The company is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, Lin'an city, which is close to Shanghai port, and thus ensures quick shipping of products to global locations. Hongjie Cable is an ISO9001:2000 certified cable manufacturer and guarantees high quality products that can meet all technical requirements of the industry.

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