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HongKongMarketingConsultant.com Provides "Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint" Free Report


Hongkong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- Hong Kong Marketing Consultant Ellery Leung, the author of the “Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint” has just made the free report available to businesses and entrepreneurs online.

The report takes readers through the detailed steps of how to use online marketing to help their business increase traffic and sales. The report is one of many tools available via the website HongKongMarketingConsultant.com for implementing effective online marketing.

Despite the maturation of the internet, thousands of businesses around the world have yet to learn how to harness the power of internet marketing to grow their businesses and brands. That conundrum has been resolved with the free report entitled “Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint,” which has recently become available for free via the website HongKongMarketingConsultant.com to business owners and entrepreneurs. “My goal in creating the report is to provide small and medium business owners with actionable online marketing tools and information that can help their bottom line,” said Hong Kong Marketing Consultant and Report Author Ellery Leung.

The report provides detailed online marketing information on ten proven strategies to drive consumers to a business’s website and convert website visitors to buyers that make a purchase via a proven three-step formula. The information within the report is presented in easily understood language with complete explanations of terms and concepts for internet marketing novices.

In addition, the free online marketing report will take readers through the search engine optimization (SEO) process of getting a business website found by the big search engines like Google. The report also explains how and why higher ranking among the search engines can lead to increased website traffic and sales conversions. They will also learn the importance of accurately capturing their customer contact information and how to leverage that information within a user database for effective online marketing.

Social media is one of many important tools of effective online marketing, and the “Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint” shows readers how to leverage the many components of social media beyond just Facebook for maximum SEO benefit. Utilizing video as part of online marketing campaigns is thoroughly explored and explained as well as the components of effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns and the power of mobile marketing.

“The report gives businesses the tools they need to beat their competition and get qualified buyers to come to them—all without spending a fortune on advertising that doesn’t work,” said Leung. “By taking them through each concept step by step, we give them the tools they need to build a successful business through online marketing, which can be used effectively regardless of whether they have a website or not.” For more information, please visit http://www.hongkongmarketingconsultant.com/

About HongKongMarketingConsultant.com
HongKongMarketingConsultant.com is a website that focuses on providing valuable advice and how-to information for efficient and effective online marketing. A major cornerstone of the website’s information database is the free report “Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint.” The report is available for free via the website and is targeted to the small and medium size business owner that has limited understanding of how to correctly and effectively implement online marketing techniques.