Honolulu Pain Relief Center

Honolulu Chiropractic Center Now Offers Holistic Pain Relief to Locals & Vacationers

Chiropractic professionals offer relief from pain sans drugs or surgery.


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Millions of people annually seek relief of the chronic pain that controls every facet of their lives. Most are adults suffering from a variety of common neural-musculosketetal conditions. The website WebMD states, “Many of those seeking pain relief will choose the option of professional chiropractic treatment. These numbers are quite impressive. National figures currently have this number at over 22 million Americans each year seeing a Chiropractic doctor instead of traditional western medicine.”

WebMD further explains, “Clearly three quarters of those who visit a Chiropractor are looking for relief of chronic back and neck pain. This includes pain and stiffness from conditions such as fibromyalgia and age-related arthritis. Patients recovering from automobile accidents are also more likely to see a Chiropractic to help them regain full control of their neck, arms and legs. Increasingly, children and teens hurt in sports injuries are being brought to Chiropractors so that they too can be treated without the use of prescription drugs or surgery whenever possible.”

To meet the needs of patients of all ages, the Honolulu Pain Relief Center has made it their mission to bring the latest of state-of-the-art Chiropractic Medicine to all who need pain relief. Dr. Damian Smith Spokesperson for the Honolulu Pain Relief Centr describes their medical methods this way, “We use non-surgical procedures that work gently to provide relief from back and neck pain. Using advanced procedures such as Cold Laser Treatment we can also work with patients affected by such painful conditions as Herniated Discs, Sciatica and Degenerative Disc Disease. Our holistic approach seeks to release pain from not only the lower back, but adjoining neck and lumbar regions of the body.”

Dr. Smith also wants patients to know that “As practitioners of Chiropractic Medicine our goal is to not only heal pain, but enhance muscular control and support for all future body movements. With the use of Spinal Decompression, we can work with the spine to improve blood flow to areas injured by accidents or injuries. This has proven to be especially effective for those who have been in an auto accident or are plagued by sports related injuries.”

The doctor also wants the public to know that they accept patients who suffer from a variable plethora of neural-musculosketetal complaints. Dr. Damian Smith adds, “We work with everyone from children and teens to senior citizens. Our patients are both local residents and tourists who are visiting our island while on vacation. In all cases, we work to make their lives as pain free as possible using the most advanced methods of Chiropractic Medicine available.”

About the Honolulu Pain Relief Center
This Chiropractic medical office is proud to offer a full range of treatments effective in reversing the effects of pain on the neural-musculosketetal systems of the body. Their doctors work to alleviate pain in a variety of chronic conditions such as neck, back and sciatica pain. They also use the best of Chiropractic Medicine to treat those hurt by vehicle accidents, personal or workplace injuries. This medical office makes it their goal to serve both local residents of Honolulu, as well as visitors to the area.