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Honor You Launches Personalized Memorial Keepsakes for Honoring Lost Loved Ones

By Offering Customized Memorial Items, Honor You Adds Unique Aspects To Services


Montclaire, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 6,500 deaths occur each day in the United States. Though this figure is a simple statistic, each of these deaths represents the end of a physical life. Each individual who becomes a member of this figure had an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the lives of others. With the cessation of each tangible existence comes the need for a funeral program to celebrate the life of the person who has passed into the next state of consciousness and to mourn the loss of their physical presence. In an effort to assist surviving friends and family members in memorializing their loved ones, Honor You has launched their extensive line of personalized memorial products.

Samuel Stewart, Founder of Honor You, confirmed, "An increasing number of people are searching for ways to reflect the true nature of their lost loved ones during their memorial services. While the very nature of a memorial service allows relatives and friends to reminisce about their loved ones, standard funeral services offer no true personal aspects. With our customized memorial products, our clients are able to convey the unique personality and characteristics of the departed in a number of ways."

Honor You offers a number of funeral program samples on their website, but Mr. Stewart stated the customization possibilities are endless. They begin with a photo of the departed, removing the background elements if their clients wish, and add a background of the client's choice. Multiple photos of the subject can be used if desired. They offer instruction on preparing the basic requirements for a funeral program; however, Honor You can put all of the information and photos together to create a unique funeral program on behalf of those who prefer not to produce their own.

The company offers fully customized memorial casket panels using single photos or collage formats. They also create personalized register books and photo collage boards for display during viewings. A photo montage DVD in tribute to the living memories of lost loved ones can be created as well. Among the other keepsake items Honor You offers are personalized printed t-shirts, tote bags and memorial buttons. The company provides numerous treasures for family members to give as mementos during funeral services. As another unique service, Honor You offers Memorial Scans for digitally viewing personalized memorial items on any smart phone or tablet device during final services.

Mr. Stewart explained, "We also offer traditional prayer cards and bookmarks, which can be personalized with a photo or designed using one of our own background images. Our clients can create 'thank you' notes matching the theme of the funeral programs to be sent to those who paid their respects. They may create their own sentiments or use one of our standard acknowledgments."

About Honor You
Inspired by his mother's life-long calling of catering to the needs of others as a nurse, Samuel Stewart created Honor You to minister to others during some of the lowest points in their lives. He continues her legacy by allowing others to encapsulate the lifetime of memories of their lost loved ones, in the form of mementos that Honor You Memorial Products creates.