New Web Platform Hoodoko Debuts Offering a Better Way for Local Businesses and Service Providers to Sell Their Unbooked Time

The challenges for local small and micro businesses to promote what they are offering, sell their unbooked time, expand their brand and enter into winning collaborations has begun much easier with the debut of Hoodoko.com, a new web platform designed especially to meet their needs.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Every day more and more people enter the “Self-Employed” economy, whether as a local small or micro business or as an individual service provider. Unfortunately, resources have been slim for those who offer this type of work to better connect with clients, sell their time or collaborate with their peers. Until now. Hoodoko.com, a new web platform has stepped up to fill this void, and all the early signs are pointing towards it becoming a quick success and win/win for everyone concerned.

“Hoodoko.com is a site that is created with the aim of helping regular people, just like you and I, to take that great idea you once had and turn it into the business you always imagined creating,” commented Dan Lawrence, co-founder of the company. “We are dedicated to providing entrepreneurs the perfect platform and tools to launch, promote and sell their unbooked time doing what they love to do.”

Some of the categories available for businesses and service providers to list themselves in on the platform include: Design, Writing and Media; Local Tours; Music and Entertainment; Health and Fitness; Art and Photography; Food and Beverage; Education; Coaching and Therapy; Spa and Beauty; Pet Services, and Home Services. It's expected for more categories to be added, as needed, as the platform grows.

Setting up a profile and offering services on Hoodoko has been made as simple and intuitive as possible. The new user simply signs up for free, fills out their profile, lists and describes the services being offered, schedules their available time on Hoodoko's interactive calendar, and then gets notifications every time a booking is made.

The Hoodoko profiles ideally feature photos and videos, to both help the service provider display their brand and their work ethic, as well as aiding those looking for services to better make an informed decision on who to hire.

The early response to the private launch of the web platform has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Yolanda, an event planner who has been using Hoodoko, recently said, “As a wedding planner, in my opinion I've found hoodoko.com to be very user friendly, the fact that you can display your portfolio pieces and video of your work help strengthen your brand as a local service provider. The calendar feature is also a cool addition since you can schedule all the services you provide according to your availability, so customers look at the days you are available and there's no going back and forth about date and times.”

Hoodoko is offering a real chance for people to connect to change their tomorrow.

For more information and to sign up visit www.hoodoko.com.

About Hoodoko.com
Hoodoko.com is a site that was created with the aim of helping regular people to take that great idea they might once had and turn it into the business they always imagined creating. The company is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs the perfect platform to launch and promote their business, existing businesses to market their services, and an opportunity to collaborate with other business’ or service providers.