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Hope Points North: Award-Winning New Novel Recounts Coming-of-Age in the 60s; Against Backdrop of Yesteryear's Boundless Freedom and Potential

Written by acclaimed author, Robert Spetta, ‘Hope Points North’ follows the tumultuous journey of three young men who travel by lifeboat to catch a glimpse of the Lunar Module that will soon deliver man to the moon. While adversity steps in their way, Spetta’s story highlights the bold contrasts between 1960s innocence and present-day upbringings fraught with overprotective constraints. It’s one novel that will resonate with every Baby Boomer.


Ronkonkoma, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- While the 1960s saw the world deep in the Cold War and at the height of its racial battles, that era also boasted a certain innocent freedom. From man’s imminent moon landing to the first flight of Concorde and the day’s youth enjoying a slice of culture that they owned – anything was possible. Many Baby Boomer’s would argue that yesteryear’s innocence has been lost, but as the premise for Robert Spetta’s award-winning novel, are things quite as rosy when reminiscing?

‘Hope Points North’ follows one man as he recounts his own adventurous coming-of-age. Spetta’s story is a microcosm of the life of millions, as they scramble to make sense of their early years and compare them to life today.


A compass is a very helpful tool—as long as its wielder knows the direction he wants to go. This wasn’t often the case in the sixties in America, when many felt directionless, with an unpopular war that had the country’s moral compass spinning. Hope Points North is a coming-of-age experience that takes place on Long Island during this turbulent period.

Of the three boys, Chris McKellar is the conventional one of the group—the glue that binds the troubled Teddy and smart, introverted Charlie together. The story is Chris’s adult recollection of the time when he, Teddy, and Charlie decide to travel on their own to Grumman Aerospace Company, the builders of the Lunar Excursion Model—the craft that will eventually deliver man to the moon.

Just as the boys embark on their journey, the dark-hearted preacher Lovejoy ambushes them. Teddy’s grandpa has amassed a secret fortune, but it’s no secret to Lovejoy, who is seducing Teddy’s mother and will do anything to get the money. But the boys resist the preacher’s attack in a way that leaves him dead in the creek…or so they think.

In shock, they follow their compass, toward the fraternity of hopes, dreams and, unsuspectingly, manhood.

“While most children these days worry about things that will statistically never afflict them and live their early years buried in technology, my generation grew up dreaming of space travel and our next outdoor adventure,” says Spetta, whose novel is a 2014 National Indie Excellence Award Winner. “Parents these days seem to have forgotten the value of letting their children roam free and make their own mistakes.”

Continuing, “I’m not saying that the 1960s was perfect; our nation was losing thousands of men at war and was unable to exercise equal rights; but the Space Program was a glimmer of hope of the foundation of dreams for most young people. This is a look back at that time and an attempt to hold onto the optimism that now appears lost to society.”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, one Amazon reader comments, “I thought this novel was amazing. The way the author incorporated the good old days really made the already heartfelt storyline, all the better. It was one of those books that you become enveloped in and need to see what happens. the complex story of three young boys becoming young men, all while taking the journey of a lifetime really spoke to the way the country used to be.”

‘Hope Points North’, published by Star Flight Security Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1paigox.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.hopepointsnorth.com.

About Mr. Spetta
An award-winning prose writer at Stony Brook University as well as a finalist in the Indie Excellence 2014 book awards, Mr. Robert Douglas Spetta writes an inspirational novel reflecting a forgotten era and a timeless coming of age story.

Mr. Spetta grew up in a small town on the north shore of Long Island, and still resides there today, with his wife and children.