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Hopeless to Housewife: Best-Selling New Book Exposes Secrets of Adapting to Love's New Challenges & Finding Lasting Love

Written by Matthew Cirino, ‘Hopeless to Housewife’ has a bold goal – to help women adapt to evolving love and find the man they truly deserve. With modern love presenting a unique set of challenges, Cirino’s ground-breaking book is helping women around the world ditch yesterday’s ‘man hunt’ strategies and develop a new direction that almost always results in a husband – for life!


Minotola, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- While the modern day presents a new set of challenges in all areas of life, few acknowledge that the process to finding true love has also moved on from the techniques and strategies of yesteryear. However, as millions of women feel left in the dark and unable to find the man they deserve, a compelling new book teaches them how to go out and grab him with gusto.

‘Hopeless to Housewife’, by Matthew Cirino, is an up-to-the-minute guide that can help any woman adapt to love’s new challenges and find true love with relative ease. The book has already stolen the #1 spot in Amazon’s ‘Marriage’ category – for good reason.


Every woman's destiny is to one day walk down the aisle and forever have their pursuit of happiness, in other words a lovely wedding with a loving husband. Sounds simple enough, but if it was that easy every woman on this earth would be married, not single or hopeless, right? But why is it that some women may miss out on their chances to forever possess what their heart truly desires?

As time changes, so does love. You may have tried the old techniques that could of worked in the past to find that special man, but in our new era we have to adapt to love's new challenges and play the game as intended.

'Hopeless to Housewife' delivers the specifics on how to adapt to love's new challenges and shows the solutions to finding the love of your life, and finding that man, that you will one day call, husband.

As the author explains, finding true love is no easy task.

“The entire world is evolving, but the process of finding love is often stuck in the past. It’s no wonder millions of women remain single and unhappy if nobody has taught them how to adapt! My book does just that – by providing solid advice that anyone woman can follow to find the man they deserve without having to change their own personality,” says Cirino.

Continuing, “The initial response has been amazing – I’ve already topped two Amazon charts!”

In fact, since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“If you are currently in the dating scene, this book is for you. The dating scene can be rough at times and women need some guidance as to what and what not to do. This is a very helpful book that provides great insight into the minds of men and women,” says Charmy, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Saba Mirzaagha was equally as impressed, adding, “I love to read books about what women are looking for in men and how they think - it makes me understand women more, and thus be a better man to my woman. We really do look for what he illustrates in the book. I hope every woman reads this, because there is a lack of women who behave like this today.”

‘Hopeless to Housewife’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1kUXV01.

About Matthew Cirino
Matthew Cirino, is a chef, musician, and author. The acting bug bit him at a young age. As a young teenager he appeared in commercials, plays, and short films. He became interested in writing books after giving self-help advice to readers on his squidoo blog. Matthew enjoys reading books on the subject of romance and his favorite subject to write upon is love, because he believes that it is one characteristic that everyone shares. Matthew lives in New Jersey and is now pursuing a life as an upcoming author.