Hopes of an Export Led Economic Recovery Helped by New SME Friendly Shipping Booking Portal


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Despite the global economic woes, a new online freight shipping site is just about to launch, aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses do more international trade.

Transporteca aims to make it easy and quick for small business to book international freight by allowing users to search for and compare quotes from a range of freight forwarding companies.

As Morten Laerkholm, Founder of Transporteca, explains:

“Small businesses often have difficulties finding good logistics providers for their smaller deliveries. For example large retailers, logistics costs can be as low a 2-5%. For SMEs in the same sectors, costs can easily be around 15-25%.

By making it easy and quick for a small business to book international freight with a forwarder the result is much lower transportation costs, enabling businesses to do more competitive international trade.”

Laerkholm founded Transporteca in 2012 using his experience of working within the logistics industry and after seeing how dissatisfied small businesses were with the current shipping options on offer.

Spotting an opportunity to create an effective solution he set himself the challenge of creating the world’s first online booking portal for small consignments.

After a limited launch in September the response to the website has been positive, both from customers and freight forwarders, as one UK toy importer says:

“This is exactly what we need. So far, we did not have enough cargo for booking a full container, and would have to use airfreight, by using this booking service we will be able to reduce our costs significantly.”

Transporteca is now set for a full launch with the site serving most trades routes between Europe and Asia by the end of January and hopes to be offeering a fully global service soon after.

For more information contact: Morten Find Laerkholm, +45 5281 2440
Transporteca Limited
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