Hopscotch Champions Is a Comedic Audio Play That Brings New Laughs to an Old Medium


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Local Ron Steele seeks to enchant the masses by returning to some of entertainment's finest roots – the audio play. His new and never-before-heard audio comedy, Hopscotch Champions, is a hilarious mockery of modern radio broadcasting, complete with commercial interruptions. This independently produced piece celebrates old-time theatrical radio while spreading good old-fashioned laughs.

About Hopscotch Champions
Hopscotch finally gets it's time in the limelight! The new audio play is announcing it's release, highlighting subtle satire at it's finest, while shameless integrating more obvious comedic forms.

Consisting of six acts the main part is a commentary on the Tenth Annual International Hopscotch Championships. These are broken up by the mock commercials, most lasting longer than the usual 30 or 60 seconds and are almost skits in themselves.

While being locally self-written, directed, and produced out of Perth, Australia, Hopscotch Champions is a high-quality piece with truly professional production. Producer, writer, and director, Ron Steele, said, "I wanted to offer a different look at the world and turn some serious aspects of society on their heads."

While production wrapped up around October of last year, the finished product is only now hitting the digital shelves. The finished audio comedy can get purchased straight off the website as a CD or MP3, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Gather your family and friends around the stereo for a night of laughs! To learn more and purchase your own copy of the hilarious new audio play, visit the Hopscotch Champions website at

About Ron Steele
Ron Steele is a director, writer, and producer with great acclaim in all genres. “His purpose in life is to produce works with an emotional impact which contain a worthwhile message and bring about change for the better in the audience,” says the website. This amazingly high quality work is Ron's first with this type of theatrical audio-based entertainment form. Ron wanted to produce this hilarious piece, while giving local artists a chance to shine under the international eye. “This is believed to be the first independent comedy not from a stand up comedian here in twenty years,” noted Ron.

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