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Horizon Insure, Inc. Insurance Agency Announces New Benefits in Term Life and Whole Life Insurance Policies

Those who are looking for a basic Life Insurance Policy, should probably consider Horizon Insures Term Life policy.


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Those who are looking for a basic Life Insurance Policy, should probably consider Horizon Insures Term Life policy. Being the least expensive life insurance policy it still provides death benefits for a specified time period in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years increments. With Term Life Insurance from Horizon Insure, Inc, it can be used mainly to protect a family as it expands, to replace a current income due to an unexpected death, protect assets, pay for college costs and pay off a mortgage.

With these new benefits also check out the company’s Whole Life Insurance policy. The term life Insurance Agency in Bucks County introduced new benefits to their Whole Life Insurance Policy portfolio. Those who are looking for cash building, death benefit coverage for a persons “whole life” this may be the way to go. In some instances it may be extremely beneficial part to someone’s financial plan. Whole Life Insurance allows your cash accumulation account to be tax-free. Some items you may want to look out for are guaranteed death benefits, guaranteed premiums and cash value that grow on a tax-free basis. Whole Life Insurance it often used in estate tax planning and business continuation and is the most expensive but provides the most benefits.

About Horizon Insure, Inc.
Horizon Term Life Insurance in Bucks County is passionate and they strive to attain excellence on every level no matter what insurance task it may be. This work is obtained by working through partnerships with associates, field agents and companies they represent. For every person that Horizon Insure Inc represents Horizon Insure Inc will work in the most honest, ethical and loyal manner possible. Above all, Horizon Insure Inc will go above and beyond to fulfill all needs that are expected and exceed its client’s expectations as well.

Horizon Insure is dedicated to offering fully integrated insurance and financial plans. By partnering with the top carriers in insurance and financial planning organizations, Horizon Insure is able to provide solutions for their clients. Their professionals are trained to protect and grow a client’s assets with insurance, risk management, financial management, employee benefits, and asset management programs. With these integrated processes, Horizon Insure is able to maximize the value and manage the risk of not only the product and service but the client relationship.