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Hormonal Imbalance Effects Many Aspects of Health Says New Report

Hormonal imbalance the cause of many nuisance and serious medical conditions claims report by Herbalvalley of Switzerland.


Wuppenau, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Herbalvalley GmbH announces the release of a their report on the effects of natural lifestyle changes on hormonal balance. Simple actions which anyone can take can result in an increase in energy and improvement in health, according to Herbalvalley. Hormonal imbalance caused by lifestyle choices result in lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of interest, memory lapses, increased body fat, memory lapses and fatigue. The report covers how nutritional and lifestyle choice effects hormonal health.

The report can be downloaded by going to Herbalvalley's Health Aging Secrets website at http://www.healthagingsecrets.com/freereport.htm

Herbalvalley's website (http://www.healthagingsecrets.com) has extensive information on hormonal imbalance and how those imbalances contribute to the development of many serious diseases including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. The website also lists several non-severe but annoying conditions which can be caused by hormonal imbalance such as constipation, frequent urination, hot flashes and weight gain.

The 150 page book available on the website contains extensive information on how to protect from the dangers of hormonal imbalance. By taking precautions and changing habits to promote hormonal imbalance, the result becomes increased health, decreased fatigue and prevention of disease.

According to Adrian Zillani, founder of Herbalvalley, his website and book explains, "What the Multi Billion Dollar Prescription Drug Companies Do Not Want You to Know. I have discovered the secrets of health and vitality. I have studied the system of hormonal balance for almost a decade. Hormones help regulate your metabolism, mood, immune function, muscle growth, sexual reproduction, and cell growth. Most hormones are normally found in low amounts in the bloodstream. Yet the tiniest hormone deficiency can cause big changes in cells or your whole body and affect you in a myriad of ways physically, mentally and emotionally."

The report and book available on the Health Aging Secrets website(http://healthagingsecrets.com) reveals how to understand what hormones are, how they work and how to go about maintaining good hormonal imbalance. With good hormonal imbalance the website states that one can have an abundance of energy, strength, and sex drive, and experience an overall feeling of well being and happiness, and slow the aging process.

Located in Switzerland, Herbalvalley was founded by Adrian Zillani to promote his discoveries in how to naturally achieve and maintain hormonal balance.

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