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Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Now Offers the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery with Powerful Prescription Hormone Replacement Therapy and Fat Burning Diet Supplements

Diet Doc’s naturally powerful, prescription hormone replacement therapy and fat burning diet supplements effectively suppress the appetite so that dieters can make healthier eating choices and quickly lose weight but do not carry the risks of weight loss surgery.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- Promoters of weight loss surgery often identify decreased appetite as one of the benefits gained from going under the knife but they usually fail to mention the downsides that can include an unhealthy relationship with food, stomach and intestinal problems and a complete lack of energy. In fact, a new study reported on by Medical News Today interviewed women who had undergone weight loss surgery and they openly discussed the negative side effects that came along with their treatments. Fortunately, dieters who are looking to access the benefits of weight loss surgery without subjecting their bodies to the dangers and risks associated with surgery now have a safer, alternative option. Diet Doc’s prescription hormone replacement therapy and powerful diet supplements not only offer a significant decrease in cravings, they also boost energy levels while actively targeting excess and embarrassing body fat. As leaders in the field, Diet Doc has been using these prescription hormone replacement therapy and fat burning diet supplements to help dieters across the United States safely, easily and rapidly balance hormones and lose weight.

Diet Doc’s hormone replacement therapy uses only bioidentical hormones, not synthetic, ensuring that patients will receive 100% of the benefits of hormone therapy, without any side effects. And because competitor companies are marketing ineffective or even illegal synthetic treatments, some dieters believe that dangerous weight loss surgery is their only option. Now dieters have a safe, effective alternative for losing weight and, because Diet Doc has used advanced research and science to modernize their prescription hormone replacement therapy, diet supplements and other treatment options, their clients are able to rapidly lose weight while consuming a healthy, average caloric intake of almost double that of their competitor programs.

Those who are ready to begin a healthy, diet program that does not pose serious health risks or require risky calorie restrictions only need to make a quick, free phone call and will speak directly with a specially trained and licensed physician about their treatment options. During this initial consultation, which takes place in the comfort and privacy of the dieters’ own home, each new client will receive recommendations for hormone replacement therapy, diet supplements and treatments along with a six-month prescription for their diet aids that can be shipped directly to their home or office. Diet Doc stands apart from other diet companies because they employ a network of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists to closely monitor patient progress and answer questions clients may have about their hormone replacement therapy or diet supplements. Diet Doc clients will have unlimited access, six days per week, to this network of weight management experts for guidance, support and encouragement.

Diet Doc’s hormone replacement therapy, diet supplements and bioidentical treatment options have already assisted thousands of dieters in losing weight and improving their weight-related quality of life. And, because their prescription treatments naturally curb cravings and eliminate stored body fat, dieters have no reason to worry about the risks often seen with weight loss surgery or synthetic hormone treatments.

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