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Diet Doc Announces Improved Hormone Treatment Diet Plans That, Unlike the Outdated hCG Diet, Delivers Safer and Faster Weight Loss Results

Diet Doc has improved its hormone treatment diet plans, more closely tailoring them to individual patient needs to achieve safer and faster weight loss results than the outdated hCG diet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Shopping for the best diet plan oftentimes results in losing weight and gaining it back. New diets may initially generate weight loss, but suddenly the metabolism slows and the patient hits a plateau and the final few pounds will not budge. Many times, more weight is gained back than initially lost. That is why choosing the best diet for personal weight loss needs is important for creating a successful program and dieters should carefully research their options before settling on a diet plan. Fortunately, unlike the original and outdated hCG diet, Diet Doc’s hormone treatment diet plans are personalized to address each patient’s underlying causes of weight gain and offer clients one-on-one support and guidance throughout their journey to restored health and a slimmer figure.

Diet Doc does not offer generic, one-size-fits-all, diet plans and does not support the original hCG diet plans that compromised patients’ health with their dangerously low caloric intake and, instead encourages their patients to consume more than double that of the original hCG diet.

New patients will complete a confidential health and medical history questionnaire and schedule an online consultation with a Diet Doc physician. This personal interaction enables the doctors to review the entire system to isolate the real reason for weight gain, such as internal imbalances, cellular toxicity, or improperly functioning organs.

During the initial consult, qualified patients will receive a prescription for Diet Doc’s exclusive supplements, diet pills and hormone treatments that are most appropriate to address their personal dieting needs. These hormone treatment diet plans seek out excess body fat, mobilize that fat and encourage the body to quickly flush it from the system.

Unlike the outdated, original hCG diet plans, Diet Doc offers complete diet plans that include meal plans that are customized to each patient’s personal needs, weekly monitoring to ensure the smoothest and most effective weight loss transition, unlimited access to a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, all passionate about helping everyone, in any part of the country, reach their weight loss goals safely and rapidly and the best hormone treatments and diet products, all manufactured in FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies.

Patient progress is closely monitored to ensure that the best hormone treatment diet plans are being used to help clients reach their desired weight. Should patients want faster results, Diet Doc physicians are available to recommend and prescribe alternative treatments that will increase the speed that patients are able to see excess and embarrassing fat melt away. Because Diet Doc’s fast weight loss coaches are available for unlimited consultations, patients are never alone throughout their journey and can email or call their coach 6 days per week for questions, suggestions or simply support and encouragement.

Unlike other diet plans, Diet Doc realizes that their clients’ time is valuable and that travelling to and from doctor’s offices or weight loss clinics can become costly, time consuming and embarrassing. With this in mind, the company joined forces with Telemedicine, which enables patients to choose the best health care and the best weight loss professionals in the country without leaving the comfort of their own home.

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