Kirk Alex

Horror Novel Lustmord Six Book Box Set on Sale for Under $1 for Three Days


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Lovers of sick and twisted horror novels get to take advantage of a depraved writer's vision of lust and bloodlust for a full three days. Kirk Alex is making the entire Lustmord boxed set available for $0.99 on Amazon for three days starting today, Monday May 1st and running until Wednesday May 7th. This is one for the gorehounds!

For 26 years Kirk Alex poured his dark side into the character of Cecil O. Biggs, a City of Angels preacher who opens a church for failed and troubled people, only to bring them into his world of sexual slavery, torture, dismemberment . . . and dinner. Yes, Cecil counts cannibalism among his many odd and unsanitary habits. Make-shifting various untested silencers which may blow up in his face is another.

Everyone who has encountered the Lustmord series on a professional level has been unable to complete the work undisturbed. Alex himself had to put down the novel for years at a time. The series forward notes an email from a professional proofreader who came away from the experience disgusted, and in awe of Alex's slaughtering skill.

Lustmord has been the baby which Kirk Alex nursed the longest. As a man ahead of his time, Alex made one of the first micro-budget films to gain notoriety. This was back in 1987, the age when Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers ruled the horror screens and VHS boxes, and Kirk Alex went out with a Super 8 and made "Lunch Meat", a film about a deal between a serial killer and a burger joint. Cranked on Cinema wrote of "Lunch Meat" that it ranks as one of the best micro-budget films.

Lustmord has racked up over 60 reviews on Amazon, and each volume in the series sports a 4+ average reviewer rating. Kirk Alex said of his Amazon renown, "Can't beat that with a stick. Anyone who loves and appreciates the original Maniac starring Joe Spinell, or who digs the original Tobe Hooper's TCM, or the original Toolbox Murders is in for a once-in-a-lifetime reading slasher experience."

. . . a once in a lifetime experience because the reader might not survive it.

The three days of Lustmord for the price of the change in your glove box is available on Amazon by going to