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Horse Lovers Worldwide Excited About the New Launch


Heckfield, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Horse lovers, pet owners and enthusiasts are in for the greatest treat of their life. A website dedicated to rendering discounts on horse related products, ‘Equine Coupon’ has been created. This is a one of a kind website whose goal is to give shoppers amazing discounts while giving them the opportunity to shop for high quality horse products.

In addition to the cost benefit, the website is also a great starting point for those who want to get the best in terms of variety. There is every kind of product; be it grooming, feed, sport accessories etc. on the website. There are even special vet supplies that are only found in specialty stores at huge prices.

In essence, there is something for everyone. From everyday supplies to customised horse gifts, Equine Coupon is a great place to shop and more so, a great place to begin saving. The website features 20 coupons on a daily basis that provide incredible savings to the customer in a variety of product categories. Those who would like to save and save big should visit the website every day to jump on the opportunity. It is also a great time to stock up on supplies and specialty products that are season specific.

Equine Coupon is not just for the customers but, also an invitation for suppliers who would like to get in touch with a bigger customer base. For a supplier to build a customer base it would take a lot of time. But, the website provides the amazing opportunity to leverage on its already rich base of loyal customers. So, it is good way to attain promotion and not spend a fortune in the pursuit to get exposure in the niche market. Merchants can sign up for free and start selling.

Equine Coupon considering how customer friendly it is, has gained widespread popularity on most happening social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The links to these sites which are www.facebook.com/equinecoupon and http://twitter.com/Equine_Coupon can be used to get regular updates on coupons and other deals.

Maintaining a horse is an expensive affair and the website Equine Coupon can help make the task less taxing and more enjoyable.

About Equine Coupon
Equine Coupon is the first of its kind subscription website that has been set up to cater the needs of horse lovers, owners, special international group and enthusiasts. The website helps owners save tons of money on their favorite brands. Coupons posted on the website can account to significant savings which are usually not possible in regular big box stores.

It is also the link between the supplier and the buyer benefitting both parties with customized deals and price slashes that are difficult to find anywhere else. Savings are instant, happen every day and are nonstop once the customer sets up an account on the website. To join in on the savings bandwagon and get the latest deals, log onto www.equinecoupon.com

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