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Horsham Athletic Club Explains How to Resume Regular Workouts After a Hiatus


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2020 -- After several weeks of self-isolation and forced gym closures, many Americans will soon be resuming their normal workout schedule. Some people have been working out at home, but for those who have been resting during quarantine, the experts at Horsham Athletic Club recommend taking measures to ensure a gradual and comfortable return to athletic performance training in Warrington, PA. Muscle fibers weaken when they're not in use, and going from rest to a full bore workout can lead to injury. Maintaining a good diet and regulating your pace can help minimize injury risk.

Eating the right food is crucial for getting through full workouts, and unhealthy eating has been a common trend among Americans in quarantine. Sales of foods like pretzels, chips, and popcorn have increased as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Protein, vegetables, and food with healthy fat are important for providing healthy energy. Some good foods to eat include avocados, fish, nuts, and eggs.

Working out with a partner can also be helpful for motivation and safety. Blowing off the gym can be more tempting after a long break and meeting someone there can help prevent skipped workouts. Some weight lifting exercises like the bench press are also much safer with the presence of a trusted spotter. Those who want to work out but lack motivation should consider reaching out to a trusted friend or professional trainer to help them get back into rhythm. Horsham Athletic offers high-quality personal training in Hatboro, PA for those looking to get motivated to get in shape.

Finally, it is important for anyone who has been resting to know their limits when they return to the gym. It is important to start up again with shorter, lower intensity exercises and work gradually up to a normal routine. Workout intensity can be increased after each week back. While it can be difficult, easing oneself back into a normal routine can minimize injury risk and improve long term health. Anyone who is interested in learning more can https://horshamathletic.com/ for guidance and insights from professionals.

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