Interactive Hospital Wayfinding System Adds Powerful New Features

LogicJunction, Inc.'s hospital wayfinding kiosks provide directions via touch screen display, printed maps, or email


Beachwood, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- LogicJunction, Inc., an interactive software company, announces significantly enhanced capabilities for its hospital wayfinding kiosks. The Wayfinders provide users with step-by-step directions via touch screen display, on printed maps, or via email to smart phones. The latest release includes:

1) Complete digital signage capabilities to display advertisements and harness additional revenue,

2) Unique interactive tools to honor existing donors and attract new donations,

3) The option to feature an employee or an avatar to represent your brand and welcome users,

4) Multi-lingual interface to assist patients in their native language.

“We’ve continued to add important new features to benefit hospitals and their patients,” said Mike Drodza, General Manager of LogicJunction’s Wayfinding Division. “These enhanced capabilities, when combined with our existing features provide what we believe to be the most advanced hospital wayfinding systems in the market place.”

LogicJunction Interactive Wayfinding Systems are very different than the familiar interactive kiosk, hospital digital signage or standard hospital directory. They include an inviting, human-friendly touch screen which displays individualized step-by-step directions, specific to each location. If desired, an interactive avatar or hospital employee’s video image can welcome visitors and help them walk through the process. Because the Wayfinders use a “dynamic” mapping technology, they are easily re-located if needed. This is an important benefit for rapidly-evolving healthcare campuses because the Wayfinders easily accommodate changes to a pathway or structure to keep directions accurate as construction progresses.

Founded in 2000, LogicJunction, Inc. is an interactive software company that helps organizations connect with and educate their employees and customers. Headquartered near Cleveland, OH, LogicJunction’s patented products and solutions combine artificial intelligence with interactive programming to serve clients in many fields including healthcare, education and insurance.

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