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Hospitality Sector Will Create Thousands of Job Opportunities This Year, Says Diani Reef

There has been a significant growth in Mombasa since past few years. In light with this fact, Diani Reef says, “Hospitality sector will create thousands of job opportunities this year.”


Mombasa, Kenya -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Mombasa has become the heart of Kenya. Mombasa has the seen the highest growth in tourism in whole Eastern Africa in the past 3-4 years and this growth is still rising remarkably. Mombasa is a port town and so Mombasa already had high business significance for Kenya. Mombasa is already the cultural hub of Kenya too. But now, Mombasa has become also a significant contributor to the economy as one of the highest contributors in the growth of economy in Kenya is from tourism sector and this contribution is mostly from Mombasa. Mombasa has become a very popular beach destination. There are many insanely popular beach destinations all around the world like Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Hawaii, Los Angeles, etc. But all these beach destinations are insanely expensive too. Mombasa however, is an exotic beach destination which is affordable. Even the most luxurious beach resorts in Mombasa like Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa are affordable because mostly all accommodation places in Mombasa have a variety of accommodation types for all different budget classes.

Complying with this fact of remarkable growth in tourism in Mombasa, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa says, “Hospitality sector will create thousands of job opportunities this year.” Hotel jobs in Mombasa have always been a major part of employment opportunities in Kenya. Jobs in hospitality sector in Mombasa will increase significantly this year. The high inflow of tourists in Mombasa now demands more hotels & resorts for providing accommodation and also more people to provide services to the tourists in the existing as well as upcoming hotels & resorts. Hotel jobs in Mombasa will provide employment to many unemployed as well as under-employed people of Kenya. There are high hopes from hospitality sector in Mombasa to reduce unemployment & bring overall human development in Kenya.

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