The Hospitality Mentor Gains Attention for Increasing Clients Profits in the Hospitality Sector


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- The hospitality business is a fickle mistress. It can be exceptionally difficult to make a real impact in such a competitive industry. Since the global recession only the hospitality businesses with a focused proven strategy have succeeded in returning consistent profits. Struggling businesses are increasingly turning to specialist business consultants to work with them to increase profitability.

One company making significant waves in this area is, a hospitality business consultant organization with a strong reputation for making a real difference for their clients. Their track record has generated a significant buzz in the industry.

Hospitality Mentor consultants have a vast range of knowledge and experience in building profitable hospitality businesses. Their experiences include working with small businesses through to large award winning hospitality corporations. They believe their range of experiences entrenched in highly profitable businesses gives them the ability to improve any size of hospitality business. A spokesperson explained:

“Every one of our consultants has a track record of success and this means not only industry awards but building profitable businesses. Our combined success has allowed us to understand exactly the steps hospitality businesses need to take to improve their profits. We don’t focus on management jargon but propose solid actionable steps that are specific to that business.

Although we are convinced there are critical activities and management structures that any hospitality business should employ we understand each business is unique. We don’t provide a cookie cutter approach, each business is analyzed and our recommendations are bespoke to that businesses goals, current market position, management structure and size. It’s this approach that has allowed us to positively impact small and large businesses as well as turn unprofitable ventures into flourishing businesses. We have also had significant success improving the bottom line of businesses that are already trading successfully.”

Hospitality Mentor has gained a reputation for their business improvement services but they also offer renowned management training. A spokesperson explained the focus of the training:

“Unlike most management training our syllabus is tightly focused on improving the profitability of a business. We focus tightly on activities that increase growth, reduce costs, improve customer retention and improve management systems.”

An increasingly popular service from Hospitality Mentor caters for people who require advice buying a business. According to Hospitality Mentor most hospitality businesses that are for sale are unprofitable. A spokesperson explains:

“We understand the business so we can identify an unsuccessful business quickly, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of stress. We perform exhaustive due diligence for our clients that coupled with our industry expertise allows the client to make an informed decision. Our due diligence reporting covers profitability, liabilities, analysis of the lease, regulatory issues, prospect for cost cutting, likelihood of future growth and an analysis of the asking price.”

The Hospitality Mentor is a unique organization that guides hospitality businesses on a journey to winning awards and making bigger profits.

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