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Hosted Server Solutions from BTA Ltd., Eliminating Hardware and Utility Expenses


Smugglers Way, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2018 -- One of the foremost IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. offers hosted server solutions as a part of their succinct business plan. Their cloud computing services are extremely helpful for all types of businesses as they provide numerous benefits through server and infrastructure hosting. Thus, for their business-critical applications, many small and midsized businesses would benefit immensely by adopting private cloud hosting solutions. BTA can build and sustain a private cloud environment that is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that are required for escalating the business into its most productive form. Some other advantages of hosting the server and other critical computing apparatus in the cloud include:

- Less hardware to maintain
- Considerable reduction in utility costs
- More space in your office
- Reduction in Overheads
- Professional and expert support

One of the most reputable IT companies in London, BTA Ltd. has created a distinct niche for themselves in the industry and has garnered a massive customer base all across the UK. They have a dedicated pool of professionals who blend technical expertise with effective management along with their creative approach. Besides hosted server solutions, they also provide business IT solutions, business continuity management, infrastructure management services, network security services, disaster recovery solutions, and much more.

Talking further about their hosted server solutions, a representative of BTA Ltd. stated, "Modern private cloud solutions provide reliable access to your servers and the most modern business computing capabilities, without having to maintain on-site equipment. BTA can build and maintain a private cloud environment that is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that you require to be the most productive business you can be—without having to install and maintain equipment at your offices."

About BTA Ltd.
BTA provides flexible and effective IT solutions for growing businesses across the UK. Founded on the belief that the small and medium-sized companies should have exceptional IT services without large corporate prices, BTA has helped businesses gain a competitive edge through innovative IT solutions and has also outsourced IT support for more than 20 years. BTA's primary goal is to provide the clients with IT solutions that help in driving their business forward. BTA Ltd. accomplishes this with the help of their expert team of engineers and consultants, dedicated to ensuring that the organisation benefits from the best technology, most effective solutions, and comprehensive support.

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