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Hosting Dino Launches Extensive Array of Hosting Options in Light of Growing Issues


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- With the continually growing number of websites appearing online comes a proportional increase in the frequency of problems associated with the operation of such sites. From security issues to exorbitant pricing, those attempting to host their own website face snowballing difficulties. In an effort to help websites run more smoothly and ease the stress stemming from such issues, the team at Hosting Dino has launched an extensive array of hosting options.

A spokesperson for Hosting Dino explained, "Website owners are seeing countless problems with hosting their own websites. Those who trying to set up their own website for the first time are particularly at risk due to the complexity of some servers. Everyone in the field experiences rising costs as well as increasing resistance from a number of internet providers. We offer solutions to their dilemmas regardless of what their hosting needs may be. Of course, there is a great deal of confusion over the many options available. Potential clients constantly ask, 'What is the best web hosting service?'"

Commercial websites face the danger of crashing, which could cause them to lose thousands of visitors, as well as dollars, for every minute their site is down. This could be detrimental to any company, but more significantly so for start-up businesses. They are also confronted with the additional costs of commercial grade internet connections to support their higher levels of traffic. Though this can help reduce the risk of repeated crashes, the price often greatly reduces their profit margin.

Another issue pertains to security with some servers being easily hacked. Businesses face liability for their customers' private information falling into the wrong hands, which could lead to lawsuits and losses soaring into the billions. Such an occurrence could also compromise the website's reputation, causing irreversible loss of future customers. From the other end of the spectrum, malicious invaders could also steal personal information of the business in question or its employees. Hosting Dino offers a secure website hosting service to meet any business's needs.

According to the Hosting Dino website, the company offers business class website hosting starting at less than $4 per month. This basic option includes 4,500 free site templates, a free site builder demo and free domain for life. Shared hosting options move up to their standard and premium packages, each with its own array of features. Dedicated servers offer the benefit of not sharing a server with other companies as well as enhanced features. Though the cost is higher, some find it suits their needs more appropriately. Many find a suitable compromise with VPS services.

Concluded the company's spokesperson, "The question of the best service has a multi-faceted answer and is different for each client, but in short, it would be the website hosting and building plan that provides the web-space, storage, number of domains, e-commerce functionality and other features they need to operate at their full capacity. Potential clients may contact one of our team members for advice regarding which of our services is most appropriate for them."

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