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Hosting Promo Codes Site Says That Personal Bloggers Should Consider Whois Protection

A personal blog is a place where you can share your views, thoughts and personal experiences with the world. Whois protection means that people will not be able to look up your address and other contact info, whois protection is often a good idea, especially if you’re considering setting up a personal blog.


Ankara, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Many newbie bloggers don’t realise that by using promo codes they can actually get whois protection for free on most domain extensions including the, .net, .org and many more, plus free or discounted web hosting.

The business of web hosting and domain registration is very competitive thanks to this extremely high competition many web hosting and domain registration companies offer what is known as promo codes, these hosting promo codes help the registrar or hosting company attract business away from their competitors and enable the user to save money.

More and more buyers are purchasing online and using the internet to research purchases, find local businesses, etc. If you do not have a website, you are probably losing out on sales and business. What many people don’t realise when purchasing a new domain, blog or web hosting is that they could save quite a lot of money if they just took some time to find promo codes.

Web hosting and domain coupon codes offer varying discounts and deals. Personal blogging is one growing trend, which many registrars and web hosts want to gain market share on, they know that people do not like having their personal info available to anyone that knows how to find it so they offer free whois protection, free whois protection is also useful for sole traders who operate from home. If you don’t care who knows your address there are many other promo codes available, these offer discounts or a few months free web hosting.

How the code works depends on the site and the offer, some discounts are applied immediately, prior to shopping and filling up your cart but most discounts are usually applied upon checkout.

About is a website that lists promo codes for web hosting and domain registration, they list codes by company; on their homepage they have their latest and most popular offers. The site say that they have offers from the world’s largest hosting companies and that they are noticing more and more personal bloggers registering domains and web hosting but they are surprised that more are not using the free whois promo codes and that they strongly advise them to consider these offers too.