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Cloud hosting enhances the browsing speed


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- In the current busy world, time has great importance. The days are gone where one server has to do the entire work. Now the latest cloud hosting technology has revolutionized the browsing speed with instant access to mails, live streaming of videos, quick response from customers and many more. For better understanding and service, visit and look for complete information.

Enhanced usage of internet and online surfing has created congestion at majority of servers. With the latest regulations and conditions from major search engines, websites are paying penalties for being slow. In such situations, cloud hosting will be of great help as it bypasses the congested public internet lines and give the user an instantaneous and hi-fi experience. Compared dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting has number of added features and advantages. The latest hosting technology is helping businesses to tap their target customers directly with quick response. This technology is helpful for businesses especially in software and game publishing. Customers can download large files and videos at much higher speeds. Unlike in dedicated servers, the latest cloud technology allows the customers to download files from multiple global super POPS located at different continents.

With the advanced technology, the latest file hosting feature is available at affordable subscription rates. Some reputed file hosting services offer this service at as low as $5 per month as starting fee. Businesses can upload the content through web based file manager. They can have direct access to the server from any HTTP origin. Best part about the cloud hosting technology is that it allows large files up to 2 TB per file with reliable storage technology. Maintenance of this service is simple and can be protected through password. Apart from swift browsing experience to customers, the latest technology provides complete analysis report to the business including daily updates, advanced analytical reporting with real time statistics, etc.

About File Burst
Fileburst is one of the reputable and most experienced file hosting services in the US. They offer premium file hosting services to their customers across the globe through 24 + global super POPS located in 5 continents. When it comes to pricing, they offer flexible packages starting from entry level Basic plan to best seller Plus plan and top of the line Premium plan.

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