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Hot New Cross Necklace Jewelry Has Women Expressing Their Fashion, Faith and Individuality


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2011 -- Women have discovered a very special way to express their religious faith and their uniqueness and individuality, wearing cross necklaces for women created by BeverlyHillsJewelryFactory.com designers. The beautiful cross necklace designs combine the symbol of faith with a woman’s birthstone in a gorgeous collection of very personal jewelry. Cross necklaces for women that express faith, fashion and a woman’s unique individuality together.

The Beverly Hills jewelry designer and manufacturer continue a family tradition in the jewelry industry for more than 60 years with the opening of Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com, their new online store. The beautiful website showcases hundreds of beautifully designed cross necklaces for women and cross necklaces for men in 14 karat white gold settings and in sterling silver with the same beautiful look and exceptional values. The unique jewelry collection of cross necklaces includes gemstone designs with garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, citrine and blue zircon cross necklaces for women and for men.

Jewelry in the form of the religious cross has been one of the most endearing and important symbols of faith for hundreds of years. Wearing a cross can be more than a symbol and expression of faith. For the jewelry designs at Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com a cross necklace is a very personal piece of jewelry with a style, design and character that is a reflection of the individuality and uniqueness of each person who wears a cross. To the family of Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com a birthstone cross necklace for women should be a celebration of birth, life, future and faith together. The jewelry company feels that the unique design of the cross necklace jewelry a person wears is a personal choice often with deeper meanings and very special for the place in which it rests, near the heart.

The birthstone cross necklaces from Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com have given women a touching and personal cross jewelry for women to express their fashion, their faith and their unique individuality and to celebrate their birth, life, future and their faith in a very special piece of jewelry to cherish a lifetime. The family company has plans to expand their birthstone cross necklace designs even further with beautiful cross necklaces for girls and exclusive designs in cross jewelry for men and cross necklaces for women. Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com offers free shipping on all of their cross necklaces within the continental US.

About Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory
Beverly Hills Jewelry Factory.com is a California-based company with a family tradition for 60 years that has mastered the art of designing and creating beautiful gemstone cross jewelry. For more information on the birthstone cross necklaces for women visit http://www.beverlyhillsjewelryfactory.com or contact them via email at info@beverlyhillsjewelryfactory.com or phone at (800) 339- 9357.