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Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- There are so many events happening all over the world nowadays that it is not easy to find them out on time. Meanwhile, some of these events are quite important and each person should be aware of them to be able to support any conversation. This especially concerns political, economic and social news. Realizing this, has launched a new project that focuses on providing people with the hot news from different countries of the world. is a new quality project that was created with the only purpose in mind – to make people aware of the recent news and events happening in all the spheres of life. This is what the creators of the website tell about it: "There are hundreds of important events happening in the world every day. Accidents, movie releases, births and deaths, construction of new buildings, political news, weddings, cultural and economic events… These are only a few examples of the news residents of all countries should be aware of. The mission of our site is to provide this information on time, making it available for each and every person round-the-clock."

The website contains hundreds of news that are subdivided into several categories. These are Health, Beauty, Family Relationships, Home, Culture, Sports, Tech News, Leisure, Events, Mysterious, Society, Economics, Politics and more. Such subdivision facilitates the search process and helps users find that very information they are currently looking for. All news published at the website are checked for relevance and veracity. Information comes from reliable foreign and home sources and is regularly updated. Each piece of news contains photo and video materials to make the perception of information better.

For those users, who are interested in entertainment content, the project offers a special section. This is where everyone can find interesting phrases, ratings, everyday horoscope, weather forecast, a dream book, cooking recipes, anecdotes and other exciting and unusual information.

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About is a web-based project, the mission of which is to provide the readers with the hot news and entertaining content. For the searching convenience of users, the website is subdivided into several categories with regard to the topic. The most popular are Health, Family Relationships, Beauty, Culture, Home, Tech News, Sports, Events, Leisure, Mysterious, Society, Politics, Economics, Entertainment and more. Information added to the site is regularly updated and undergoes regular checkups. There are text news, videos and photos that make the articles more interesting and attention grabbing.

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