Peter Leeds Now Covered by Media to Get Unbiased Updates on Hot Penny Stocks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Peter Leeds, the penny stocks specialist, is frequently discussed by investors and the media because he is one of the only people who provides a service where traders can receive unbiased updates on hot penny stocks - All of the updates pass Peter’s fundamental, technical, and third level analyses that are included in the Leeds Analysis process. Traders and fans can go through these unbiased recommendations and evaluate opportunities before investing into the markets.

Peter Leeds has been frequently covered by all the top media companies, whether it’s NBC, CBS, or CNNfn, Russia Today, the Associated Press or FOX. All of them are keen to invite Peter Leeds as a guest to speak about penny stocks. In fact, countless radio stations and print publications have also interviewed Peter Leeds about penny stock investments, and investing in penny stocks.

Through the interviews on television and in the print press, Peter Leeds helps investors understand how exciting penny stocks can be. “As the leading expert, Peter Leeds has assisted top media organizations like FOX, the Associated Press, NBC, CBS, and CNNfn with his comments and views.” added a spokesperson.

A representative while elaborating on further stated, “Even if you are brand new to trading, you will get all the tools you need to be successful. And don't forget - when it comes to the best high quality stocks, Peter Leeds and his team are the most well-known and most trusted source for investors.”

Investors and fans can also get in touch with Peter Leeds through his social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

These books are the go-to tools for traders and an invaluable resource for investors. Everyone at has taken a pledge not to accept any kind of compensation for recommending a particular stock. In addition to this, all of the staff here is forbidden from taking up a trading position in any of the stocks that are recommended to readers of the newsletter.

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