Social Media Becomes the Latest Platform for Revealing Hot Penny Stocks by Peter Leeds


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Peter Leeds now reveals valuable penny stocks to his fans and customers through social media. Traders can visit his social media pages, including Facebook, to get all the latest unbiased updates on the hot penny stocks. The information that is available includes the hottest stock picks, overall day performance of the markets, and other tips to help readers select the best companies to invest in.

Peter Leeds is a renowned financial expert, and together with his team, they are using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter as a real-time communication platform. They are able to interact with readers and investors, while advising them on which penny stocks to buy and which ones to sell. Regardless of whether a person is a paid newsletter subscriber or not, Peter Leeds and his team respond to every query that is left on their Facebook page.

The fundamental fact that the stock market can be volatile makes it necessary to have some kind of guidance and advice when dealing in these types of stocks. Investors can earn huge profits in a short period of time with Peter Leeds’ suggestions. In some cases, this might also mean saving one’s self from huge losses by getting the word to sell sooner than other investors. Based upon his many years of experience in researching penny stocks and beating the market, he has introduced numerous tools for investors to acquire thorough knowledge regarding top penny stocks -

Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, an online newsletter offering detailed insights on the markets is a huge success with the investors and it now has more than 35,000 annual subscribers. also offers books by Peter Leeds like 'Penny Stocks for Dummies' and ‘Invest in Penny Stocks’.

While elaborating further, a spokesperson stated, “Peter Leeds shows the reader how to capture upside potentials while minimizing risks. What makes a great penny stock? When is price most likely to spike? How does one avoid bad stocks? What price should a trader take? When should a trader sell for profit?”

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