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Hot Soccer and Baseball Trophies for Kids, Tips for Team Moms


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- When deciding which trophy to buy for the kids, "Team Moms" throughout the country are finding it stressful to determine the best option. The stress is not caused by the children, who seem more than happy with whatever trophy is awarded them. Rather, it is the criticism of vocal parents, alongside a dearth of useful suggestions, which causes this stress in their criticism. K2Awards offers the following pointers about choosing soccer trophies for kids.

“When it comes to purchasing trophies,” Charlie Moss of K2 Awards says, “There is a lot of confusion as to what trophy stores are the best choices for a given event. We supply trophies at low-cost with free engraving, making them perfect for youth athletics.”

Moss recommends the following eight tips to maximize the value and enjoyment of trophies for youth athletes:

1) Have a solid budget -- Trophies can cost from less than $1 to well over $20 each. Parents should pay their share unless a budget has already been set aside for the trophies.
2) Cute trophies -- like bobbleheads and little buddies work well for kids under 9, but not for kids over ten.
3) Size matters -- The taller the trophy, the more the players will like it.
4) Spinning is in -- Many trophies have balls or stars that spin. Children like the movement.
5) Stars. Stars. Stars -- Stars symbolize success in a non-controversial way by avoiding competitive language like "1st place" or "Champions." Use them in developmental and other non-competitive leagues.
6) Resin trophies are best for teens -- By the time players are in their teens, they are looking for pewter or bronze colored sculptures. Resin works well to accomplish the look of a metal trophy without the expense.
7) Find a supplier that makes ordering easy -- An intuitive and fast ordering process makes ordering quick and easy. K2Awards spends thousands of hours trying to make the process of ordering trophies as easy as possible.
8) Trust intuition -- While Team Moms may get a lot of input from others, it is important that they use their best judgment and that that judgment is respected by other parents.

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