Hot Tubs Produce Health Benefits

Find balance physically and mentally in a busy life


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Hot tubs have many benefits both physically and mentally, and are just a ton of fun to boot. First when one sees a hot tub one will think how awesome it makes the home or yard look and makes the neighbors jealous. That does not even touch the benefits to a person's health that happen with regular use of a hot tub.

Regular use of a hot tub can reduce stress, help reconnect with family and spend quality time, while relaxing and enjoying a soak in the hot tub. Relaxing and meditating in a hot tub can help one find balance physically and mentally in a busy life. With just a short time each day one can improve stress levels immensely. Stress can lead to serious health issues and illnesses. A hot tub can reduce stress, relieve sore stiff muscles and prevent the serious illnesses that can be caused by stress and overwork.

Hydrotherapy has been actively healing people for centuries. This used to be done in mineral and hot springs, naturally. With the invention of personal hot tubs and jet streamed water the benefits of hydrotherapy can be gained in the privacy of a person's own home or backyard.

Regular use of hot tubs can aid in weight loss. Sweating causes a person to lose water weight, and aids in weight loss regimens while relaxing muscles and reducing stress. A person can also do hydro-exercise to some extent in a hot tub, increasing weight loss benefits while using it.

The benefits of regular hot tub use

-Reduce Headaches
Dilates blood vessels to prevent headaches and eases the body into the transition of deep sleep.

-Reduce Stress
Increases production of endorphins to reduce stress.

-Aids in sleep
Relaxing the muscles and producing endorphins as well as stress relief are all extremely important in restful deep sleep.

-Relaxes Muscles
Muscles and skin loosen and relax from increased blood flow, warm water and whirlpool rotation help increase blood flow.

-Increases Blood Flow
The warmth and whirlpool as well as relaxation of the body help increase blood flow.

-Treats Arthritis
The buoyancy, warmth and hydrotherapy are great for treating arthritis pain. Spa pads can make this even more beneficial.

-Reduce Blood Sugar with Increased Blood Flow
Soaking for 15-30 minutes in a hot tub can greatly decrease blood sugar for type 2 diabetics. It is believed the increased blood flow to skeletal muscles is what causes this. It also is beneficial to extremities that have issues with circulation.

A hot tub and spa are great options for health, mentally and physically. It is something that all can enjoy in the privacy of a home or outdoors.

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