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Hotel Casino, the Newly-Launched Facebook Gambling Game App, Was Updated With New Games and Events


Seoul, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Hotel Casino, a recently-launched Facebook gambling game app, has just been updated with some exciting new casino games and events.

The updates, which occurred on September 14, include three new kinds of slot games that are already a huge hit with fans of the game. With the updates, the process and payment options of real casino games have been applied to Hotel Casino, providing players with a progressive jackpot. The newly-revised game is accessed either from the Facebook game app or the fan page.

The recently added slot games include Treasure Island, which includes a unique feature that ties the weather and background in the game to the chances of winning; when either of these things change, the odds of a player hitting the jackpot will increase. Treasure Island also features a bonus game for players.

The second slot game is called Dragon Orb. When a player wins a dragon scatter, it splits the Cintamani and begins the Free Spin. If a player wins the Cintamani symbol during the Free Spin, there will be “Wild” in the reel and the odds of the player winning will increase.

The third new slot game that is part of the update is called Mafia City; when a Free Spin takes place, the Multiplier will continue whenever the player wins the pay line. This can take place a maximum of seven times.

Another exciting and significant new game that was added during the upgrade is called Caribbean Stud poker. This is the first Facebook game that allows people to enjoy this type of poker and it is already extremely popular with players.

The newly-added games all provide more game chips for continual visits, the ability for players to check each other’s information in each game room, and with an increased game loading speed, players can start enjoying the new game more quickly.

As part of the game upgrade, Soribada Games, the publisher of Hotel Casino, is holding a Power Tester event. Any players who report bugs or glitches that they find while playing the game in the fan page of Hotel Casino will be given an Amazon.com gift card as a prize.

In addition, for a short period of time, the VVIP Hotel will be open to everyone who plays the game. Normally, the hotel is open to the members under certain specific conditions, but as part of the update it will be available to everybody. While in the VVIP Hotel, players can experience the highest betting pool.

About Soribada Games, Inc.
Soribada Games, Inc., the publisher of Hotel Casino, was established in 2012 to develop and publish Smartphone games, as well web games from Korea. Their most recent game to be published is Hotel Casino, a Facebook game that allows players to buy and run casinos for simulated profit as well as play popular casino games in the city’s casinos. Hotel Casino was developed by Merrywind, Inc. and is accessible directly from the Facebook game app or the Fan Page. For more information, please visit http://apps.facebook.com/hotelcasino