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Hotel Renovations Company Contributing to American Urban Economic Comeback


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2012 -- A South Florida-based hotel renovations company, Matrix Renovations, has seen a recent surge in business on the heels of a recovering post-recession economy. This influx of work has contributed to the local job economies of multiple metropolitan areas including Miami, Detroit and Cincinnati. Specifically, their projects include renovating hotel lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants, gift shops and more.

Hotel renovation projects require specialists in fields that have been particularly hit by last decade’s dull economy: construction workers, millworkers, plumbers, metalworkers and more. Projects like this can include upwards of 50 to 100 workers which is significant for struggling local economies. The influx of renovation, construction and instillation projects is a sign of positive growth and fuels the foundation of the American economy - which is the labor force.

Projects in Detroit have made Matrix Renovations part of the post-recession urban comeback in America. Hiring economically hard hit Detroit laborers is not only great for their struggling local economy – but companies like Matrix Renovations get great prices for incredibly skilled employees. An economic recovery in Detroit is significant for the entire country, not only because of its vast auto industry, but also for overall consumer confidence which drives American markets.

According to their website, Matrix Renovations, “…is a full service hotel renovation company. We provide the project managers to ensure the work is done properly and according to your time line with minimal guest interruptions, and revenue loss. We have experienced experts in all trades and we conduct business at a national level”. They specialize in lobby renovations, ballrooms, guestrooms, corridors, bathrooms, ADA requirements, restaurants, gift shops, business centers and more.

Additionally, the company also provides environmentally friendly recycling programs for hotels looking to update existing items like televisions, beds, fixtures, carpeting and drapery according to their website.