Global10 Media Allows Users to Compare Texas Hotel Rates from 30 Different Sites

The new website, makes it a fast and simple process to find the best deal online with price comparison engine.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Booking hotels used to be a laborious process, requiring a great deal of research, calling up individual hotels to get quotes and then making a decision, often based on hearsay or the recommendation of friends. Now with the internet providing a plethora of discount booking sites all the information appears to be at consumers’ fingertips, and yet they are still losing out by not checking all the discount sites, thus meaning the labor is still there, just in a different form. Hotels In Galveston is a local website that eliminates the need for such labor when booking to visit Galveston, Texas.

The site uses an aggregation algorithm to take the data inputted by users and draw back results from thirty of the top discount hotel sites on the internet, then redelivers the results into a single thread of search results which can easily be compared across sites and hotels.

This information can then be used to make a booking or can be reviewed more thoroughly in the case of similarly priced Galveston hotels from different websites, ensuring that not only will users get the best deal available, but also the best experience available for their price range.

A spokesperson for Hotels in Galveston explained, “The reality of the situation is that many hotels make exclusive deals with discount booking sites so that if users only check one, they might be getting a worse rate on a given hotel than if they had checked another. With our service users are safe in the knowledge that the top thirty hotel deals websites are being consulted and conglomerated into one easy to compare results list, which features the hotel, it’s price for the specific booking, it’s star rating and more often than not a comprehensive review. It’s the simplest way to find hotels in the Galveston area.”

About Hotels In Galveston
Hotels in Galveston allows users to compare the best and cheapest Galveston hotel deals across thirty different travel websites, ensuring they get the best deal for the destination. The site also provides comprehensive reviews on most popular Galveston hotels and is able to provide recommendations for preferred accommodation based the specific area of Galveston tourists are visiting. For more information, please visit: